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Hey folks! Remember the Liberal party? Well, they’re trying to raise some money for their 2015 ‘Partisan Hackery Fund.’ The Conservative Party seems to be blazing past all other parties when it comes to donations. In an act of desperation, the Liberals have started auctioning a rare piece of Canadiana artwork. This gorgeous piece of Canadian history is an original work by one Justin Pierre James Trudeau. Yes. That Justin Trudeau.



In a Liberal party spam mailing list, members were greeted with only the word “Gorgeous” in the subject line. As you can see, Justin has truly done the work of New Mexico architect Antoine Predock justice. It is without any irony that we should mention the museum itself is the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

Every Liberal donor could have their very own piece of original Trudeau artwork if a funding goal of $350,000 was met. Sure, this “limited-edition” piece is nice, but we think Trudeau could have done something a bit more…artistic.

Here are 5 works of art that Justin should have been selling to Liberal donors. It would really rake in some cash.




Trudeau Crossing the Alps


Move aside, Napoleon. The true Francophone Emperor has arrived.





The Creation of Justin


This is where Canada began






Mona Justin


The smile that has sparked the curiosity of mankind for ages






Canadian Gothic


The Everyman






The Timeless Art of Seduction


These pretzels are making me thirsty



Bidding starts at $350,000! Anyone?