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Fool us once shame on you. Fool us twice you are the Conservative Party of Canada. Much like Schwarzenegger’s Terminator misleading robocalls are back.

Canadian voters have been receiving calls from the “Voter Outreach Centre” a bit of deceiving name for a Conservative Party get out the vote agency.

This is the same group that allegedly dropped the “Conservative Party of Canada” from their legally required introduction as the Voter Outreach Centre for the Conservative Party of Canada” three days before the 2011 election. This resulted in a wee bit of hullabaloo.  Just like Michael Bay transformers sequels, this unwanted but successful tactic just keeps coming back.

While some people recall being informed of the Tory affiliation others do not. Furthermore many of the people being called do not want to be on the caller list for the Conservative Party.

It is becoming abundantly clear that breaking up with Stephen Harper is going to be very tough for Canadians. Like an ex that just can’t stand not hearing our voice, except when with regard to actual policy decisions, the Conservatives just can’t stop calling us.

The calls are coming from IMKT Direct Solutions. A phone back company that has been doing get out the vote work for the Tories for a number of years. Of course “get out the vote” campaigns like any Conservative campaigns are carried out in a shady and manipulative manner that kinda-sorta follows the rules, but only barely.

The real tactic here may be to hope that Canadians start to either feel sorry for the Conservatives and stick with them out of pity. Or the more likely thing Team Harper is gunning for, by harrasing us and monitoring our communications C-51 style, is that we’ll all succumb to Stockholm syndrome.