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From Toronto to Queen’s Park, though the Ontario election is over, news in the province hasn’t slowed down.

Ontario Green Party Unveil Election Platform

The Green Party of Ontario isn’t short on ideas, but it is short on a few other things—namely ears to listen to its ideas. With all the fanfare and excitement you can expect from Ontario’s fourth party (a singl...

Hudak’s War on Canadian Video Production

The Canadian Press   Today, it was revealed that the Ontario Progressive Conservatives used Russian stock media in their campaign videos and posters. In a time where our Condemner-in-Chief has repea...
Schrodinger's Politician

Ontario Election Outlook: Pessimism

Ontarians, I’d say that we were in the deep end again, but that doesn’t quite cut it. We’re in a deep end with our arms chopped off, our legs tied together, and we have salt in one of eyes. In other words, w...

Andrea Horwath’s Big Move in Ontario

Andrea Horwath's Ontario New Democrats have denied the government their confidence, and, with that, set the wheels in motion for an election on June 12th.   Despite living in a small corner at Queen’...

Canadiens, or Canadians?

The beginning of April is a wonderful time. The fierce winter begins to recede into the depths of an icy hell, Universities enter their final days of classes, and perhaps most importantly, the NHL and NBA post-...