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A hand-picked selection of the most exciting and innovative takes on Canadian politics and news.

Top 13 Crazy Canadian Twitter Battles

    Twitter is a wonderful tool. It allows the average Joe to engage with prominent figures across any industry. It has been instrumental during democratic revolutions that have spurred across the world. It b...

The Birth of a Salesman

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made headlines when he arrived in Los Angeles this weekend.  Why was he there?  Was he completing a cross-country tour after his appearance in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras parade?  N...

Preston Manning’s Peculiar Pow-wow

Can we all agree right off the bat that this year's Manning Networking Conference was weird? Not necessarily weird in a bad way, but weird in that way James Moore stares into your soul when he’s not wearing his...

Patrick and the Brass-Oh!

  Dean Tweed   Lately, Senator Patrick Brazeau has been loafing around.  While this is nothing out of the ordinary for a Canadian Senator, Brazeau’s is a special case.  Charged with sexual a...

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Moe   Dear Readers, We’re finally here. It took weeks and weeks of grueling work, but we’re here. Six months ago, The True North Times was nothing but a cold and syrupy fantasy of mine. It would ...

An Open Letter To Canada’s Future Media Mogul

Krista Kennedy   Dear Mr. Simren Sandhu, So you’ve decided to plunge head first into the economic waters of satirical online news content, have you? Mark my words: you won’t regret it. You see...

The Valentine’s Day Card Extravaganza!

Found Animal Foundation  This Valentine's Day, spend some time with the ones that really love you, the people that always have your happiness and well-being in mind... politicians!! To help you along, ...