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A hand-picked selection of the most exciting and innovative takes on Canadian politics and news.

Seals are cute but starvation is ugly

The ongoing ethical debate around seal-hunting has resurfaced in the form of a 21st century style twitter-off.  The battle ensued after talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, donated 1.5 million “selfie” generated do...

Quebec 2014 – Debate Recap

Economy Social Issues Governance National Question Pauline Marois Philipe Couillard François Legault Françoise David - The PQ is Oprah. You get jobs! You get jobs! YOU get jobs...

Alison Redford: Canada’s Gandhi?

Alberta Premier Alison Redford speaking last month.Premier Alison Redford   Another prominent Conservative stepped down yesterday, and in doing so put another dent in Canada’s grand old party.  Sure...
That is, THE LIBERAL PARTY!!11!!!11

A Nation Mourns as Zach Paikin Resigns

  A political shockwave of earth shattering proportions exploded through the country on Monday afternoon as Liberal starlet-darling (starling?) Zach Paikin, the son of the decidedly unremarkable anc...

QUIZ – Who Said It: Justin Trudeau or Superman?

| Who said these inspiring and optimistic quotes? | The man with the red cape, or the man with the red party? | Take our quiz to find out! | | Thanks for playing, and don't forget to share this ...