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In a breaking trend in Canadian politics (just kidding), a party has been found misusing public funds for operations in Quebec.


It's not me, right??Canadian Press

It’s not me, right??
Canadian Press


Yes, the New Democrats thought they escaped the clutches of accountability (why should the opposition be held accountable?), but as we know, what happens in Quebec usually doesn’t stay in Quebec. Here’s lookin’ at you, Justin.

The NDP has already been asked to repay over $1 million in funds that were used for partisan mail-outs. Yet, in a new ruling from the Board of Internal Economy, the NDP paid staff who worked in partisan satellite offices with public funds, and that’s a big no-no. John Duncan, Conservative MP, couldn’t resist the chance to gloat at Tommy’s gang, saying “several members of the NDP submitted false information about the place of work of some employees.” We don’t know whether these employees actually broke election laws, but it’s certainly fishy. At least Mike Duffy had the decency to break the law on his behalf only.

Thomas “The Bear” Mulcair insists that he cleared the satellite offices with the House Speaker, but the Speaker says that never happened at all. It’s a classic game of “he said, she (maybe) said.”

Peter Julian, NDP House leader has declared the whole mess a “partisan attack” on the New Democrats. The House of Commons spending board is making claims without “providing any tangible proof.”

Only one question remains. What is a proof?



In a time of blind accusations, “gotcha” politics, and downright childish antics, it’s good to find solace in the sage-like words of Jean Chretien.

As time has shown, the greatest politicians ask themselves “What Would Chretien Do?” Let’s just hope the NDP has an idea.