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To conclude this series, we’re taking a look at the Liberal candidate for Victoria, Cheryl Thomas.

Cheryl clearly has strong feelings about Israel-Palestine, but who doesn’t, right? Like many of us, she got in a heated Facebook conversation on the discussion last year, and said:

The oppressed of the Warsaw ghettos and the concentration camps have become the oppressors, keeping the Palestinians who are left in their ‘homeland’ in ghettos where they limit their access to education and stop most opportunities for them to make a living. When unemployed young men fight back with rocks and crappy rockets, the Israelis blow the shit out of their neighborhoods, killing women and young children (collateral damage).




Saying that the oppressed of the ghettos have become the oppressors draws an unfavourable comparison to Nazism, as has also been common to this series. We’re honestly not sure why this has become a trend.

But, her statements on ethnic groups don’t end at Israelis. Here we have Thomas probably testing out her open mic material. It looks a little rough around the edges, and that’s because it is




Yep, if you had a brown guy with a beard sneaking into your house, you’d be calling the bomb squad. People around the globe may not be okay with a white guy with a beard sneaking into your house, but presumably they would just call the police.



“That’s gold, Cheryl! GOLD!”
Sony Pictures Television


Moving on, Cheryl felt compelled to share the Taliban’s response to Malala Yousafzai, the 18 year old Nobel laureate who advocated for education under the Taliban in Pakistan. Missing a chance to share a moment of unity for a common cause, she acknowledges that mosques were used as gathering places for education “hundreds of years ago,” but “now the mosques are used as brainwashing stations.”




Lastly, a remark for the ages showing both how she feels about Iran, and the types of problems women face.







  • Doronto

    What? You’ve ended your series without looking at any Tory candidates? Really?

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  • Bobsmyname

    There is a Tory Candidate on there. But generally speaking, and there are always exceptions to the rule, but it reflects on the quality and integrity of the candidates. NDP are more likely to be union loving red necks. Liberals are going to be more likely to be law breakers. Conservatives are prissy church goers like Ned Flanders. LOL

    • Michael Saunders

      You also should state that the NDP are only interested in protecting their Communist Based Union Members….and Tommie boy tries to blame Harper for the thousands of job lost….he should take a close look at the companies that closed their doors due to the actions of the Communist Scum in Tommie Boys unions who drove them away from their base in Canada…case in point….Thunder Bay had a very good business shipping products by ship….that is until the Communist Unions went on strike and closed the port down during the peak of the shipping season leaving the grain to rot on shore….Now the grain companies (and anyother company that wants their products shipped responsibly) now ship through the USA….Three cheers to them for taking a positive stance against the Communist Unions and the NDP party that protects them>

      • Bobsmyname

        Unions aren’t communist Michael. Unions are simply big business. They belly up to the right or the left as they need. Right now they are leaning left. Communists and Marxists do not allow Unions to exist, upon taking power they disband unions. Why? the lefties won’t put up with teachers making $100,000 a year when the poor are only getting $20,000 on welfare. Case in point: Ronald Reagan got the Union vote. Right now, the unions are towing the lefty bleeding heart line. But when the lefties get strong, or in power, they cut them off… remember Bob Rae?

      • Bobsmyname

        Check out the Libertarian Party, I think you will find something exciting there.

  • Marc Bastarache

    Has the Israeli government become an oppressor? I guess we are not allowed to ponder this
    (within Stephen Harper’s Canada)?

  • Marc Bastarache

    Cheryl Thomas was obviously railing *against* racism with the ‘white santa’ comment.
    The author of this article is trying to warp the context.

    Your author would not be able to detect sarcasm, if it slapped them in the face.
    Obviously a highly partisan article. Shameful.

    • Graeme Sutton

      She was actually directly quoting a joke from the Russel Peters christmas special that she hand watched minutes before. All of these are taken out of context. I know nothing about this woman aside from these supposedly “Controversial” statements and I already want to vote for her.

  • Patriotic Canadian

    There is a lot of truth in her words. Sadly, for a politic, they were not politically correct. Therefore she’s out of the job.

    Good for her.

    • radarn radarn

      I agree, Patriotic. Actually, most of what she says above is spot on. And since when should a comparison with Nazis be a ‘favorable’ one?

  • swiralgod .

    Let’s not sacrifice our cultural traditions for a political concept.

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  • Lili Molavi

    This is to the True North Times and the person who wrote this article:

    If you knew Cheryl Thomas personally you would go and apologize to her for what you have wrote and published! And then request her to step up again as a Liberal Candidate and make a real difference!

    I am sure she continues to make a difference in people’s lives anyways! She is a natural leader, compassionate and caring person who inspires and motivates people to improve for better!

    Isn’t your article just a copy/paste of a person’s opinion in a country with freedom of speech? What is your point? Or what do all of these mean? Aren’t we tired of telling someone “you said this” therefore judging a person “you are a bad person”!

    Are we kids? To make fun of people or have sarcasm or laugh at them out loud!!!!!! Or are we here in this world to write about what is truly going on in the world and make a difference!

    It is best to get to know someone really before we write about them in public news! We just lost our hopes ….

    Aren’t you following what’s going on in the world? If you had travelled around the world like Cheryl to places that people have left their houses due to revolution or war or lived in poor conditions, you would have more understanding of what she is really talking about!

    • Michael Saunders

      What a bunch of total crap!!!!!!!!! Ms. Thomas is extremely opinionated; completely prejudicial in her viewpoints especially when dealing with anyone not of her race or color; extremely anti Jewish forever feeding the propaganda coming from Palestine and a total disgrace as a human being. It is time that someone has put her in her place. What they also should have put in the naration is her comments concerning the Native Peoples Of Canada…I will not go there for I do not desire to be dragged down to her level!!!!!!!
      The Windwalker

      • zalm

        Holy smoke! Are you for real?

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  • radarn radarn

    this is a warped news item, which takes everything Thomas says out of context, and deliberately distorts, misquotes and twists everything she says. I wasted my time reading this crap masquerading as news.

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