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In the latest developments in the Peter MacKay “Don’t-Judge-Me-But-Judge-Women” scandal, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has called for MacKay’s resignation. Uncle Tom is always outraged about something, so this usually wouldn’t be a surprise. However this time, Shady Tom may have opened his mouth too wide too fast.


Uncle Tom scolding Petey
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You would think he’d be a little too busy to ask someone to resign over a mail related scandal, since he is in the middle of one himself, in which the NDP allegedly used public money to sent partisan mailouts to constituents. The total cost of these partisan letters are around $1 million, which we estimate to be approximately $1 million more than the cost of the ‘sexist’ emails MacKay sent out. Mulcair, being the expert speaker he is, basically told investigators to chill and not worry about it. Now, he’s deflecting attention onto MacKay’s mail scandal in an attempt to make someone else look worse.

In this situation, if anyone in Parliament should be resigning, many would say it should be Thomas Mulcair. One million is a lot of dollars. That being said, his scandals have not stopped him from saying MacKay must be replaced “with somebody who understands the Charter of Rights and the fact that this is actually the 21st century.” Did I miss something, or was MacKay an 11th century Benedictine Monk this entire time? That would definitely explain the sexism.


Uh, what were we talking about, again?
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Peter MacKay’s troubles first began when he remarked that women are not as inclined to sit as judges because they don’t want to spend time away from family, because they have a “special bond” with their children. Things got worse for MacKay’s reputation among women journalists when Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day letters sent to his staff were circulated, where he commended mothers for taking care of the family and fathers for “shaping the minds and futures of the next generation.” Two emails sent on different occasions that clearly have a sexist agenda. The scandal managed to persist when a female staffer came out saying that she in fact wrote the emails. Whether MacKay made the staffer do it or she truly did author those horrifically offensive messages, Mulcair believes that MacKay is ultimately responsible for all sexism in the justice system and should be held responsible by resigning so that he can no longer work to fix any of it.

While Thomas Mulcair badgers MacKay for his blunders, Peter’s wife Nazanin Afshin-Jam-MacKay is on the defensive for her husband via a letter to The Globe and Mail. She accuses the “anti-conservative media” of blowing the whole situation out of proportion, which sounds kind of like Hillary Clinton after the Lewinsky scandal except that Peter sent out a stock email while Bill…did other stuff. She wrote “”ironically he is presumed guilty without any evidence, only hearsay.”

In a battle between Mulcair and Mrs. MacKay it’s hard to say who would win, but it’s clear that Mulcair’s call for MacKay’s resignation is likely an attempt at media attention and attention deflection. If MacKay is smart he’ll remember an old mantra: if I’m a mirror, your insults bounce right back.