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By poaching former Conservative Eve Adams, Justin Trudeau has carried on a proud Liberal tradition. The Liberal Party braintrust not only invented the parachute, it wove its fabric and coloured it red.

Who can forget the late great Lester B. Pearson, a mere humble bureaucrat, who was plucked from the Canadian foreign service to become a Cabinet minister by Louis St. Laurent? Pearson, as the history books tell us, went on to become one of Canada’s greatest prime ministers.

That was back in the days before social media and cameras in the House of Commons. Pearson would tell us himself, if he were still alive and kicking, that, in today’s world, a little man who has a voice like Truman Capote wouldn’t have a hope of getting elected under the glare of the media lights.

The Liberals have realized that they can’t be so picky these days. A lot of fair, decent and well respected Canadians would rather eat onion sandwiches than run for office where they will be ridiculed by cynical voters and the crusty Ottawa media.

So the Liberal Party has resorted to picking through the sloppy seconds of the Conservative Party, and enlisting the help of entitled generals to get them elected. Who cares about lesser nobodies like Christine Innes when they can find candidates who guarantee them a million clicks on social media?

Notoriety, it seems is alluring. Frankly, we don’t think Trudeau has gone far enough.

Why stop at Eve Adams, when there is a plethora of Liberal-worthy candidates out there, who would make excellent cabinet ministers? Cue the dream sequence.