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In a world slowly being tainted by Justin Trudeau’s sinful, liberal pot enthusiasts, great strides have been made in the city of Toronto in the hopes that we may one day live in a world void of any inhaling at all. Toronto may be facing an e-cigarette ban if Queens Park doesn’t take province-wide actions by February, 2015.

The city’s Medical Officer of Health, David McKeown, has issued a report to the Board of Health urging them to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. The report states that, “there are possible health risks associated with exposure to second-hand vapour.” Finally, someone is advocating for our health. How dare the city allow its citizens’ lungs to be subjected to..uch, it makes me sick just saying it, water vapour. It’s getting into the lungs of children, for Christ’s sake! God forbid someone boils a kettle of water near me.

For of those of you unfamiliar with these steamy satin-sticks, e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that mimic the use and sometimes the appearance and taste of regular cigarettes. While Health Canada does not allow the sale or import of e-cigarettes or liquid refills containing nicotine, making the store-bought product virtually health-hazard free, it is important to consider that Health Canada was taking a step in the right direction. Who’s to know what inaction towards strict e-cigarette laws could lead to? E-meth? E-heroin?


“I found an e-heroin needle in my son’s room, should I be worried?”
Jonathan Rey


One e-cigarette user, probably one of the few to still have functioning vocal chords, named Nicole Rogerson says, “You’re just giving off the same vapour as clubs use in their smoke machines, I know it’s not unhealthy. It’s not putting any toxins in the air like smoking a cigarette would.” The only clubs that I know that use smoke machines are pagan cults during their Satan-worshipping, pentagram rituals. It is liberal propaganda like this that is masking our eyes from the true aim of e-cigarette companies. James Long, a part owner of a Mississauga based e-cigarette company, sees no evidence that the ban is necessary, “E-cigarettes produce some odour, but I’m not aware of any noxious effects.” Long said he has seen many people quit smoking after transferring to e-cigarettes. But even if e-cigarettes have helped countless longtime addiction sufferers beat a habit, Long is 89 years old and probably senile from all the poisonous e-cigarette water vapour he’s been inhaling over the years.


How can we let our children breath in precious water vapour when alternatives exist?Camel

How can we let our children breath in precious water vapour? I mean, it looks just like plumes of cancer!


It’s Mckeown’s trusted report that raises concerns about e-cigarettes’ “impact on youth smoking initiation, and potential to normalize smoking behaviour and undermine existing tobacco control legislation.”  The report also discusses the ways in which e-cigarettes targets minors, namely youth friendly flavours like Beelzebub Blueberry and Heathen Hot Chocolate. It calls for the government to subject e-cigarettes to the same advertising and promotional standards as regular cigarettes.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins has stated he won’t rule out action on e-cigarettes but says he’s gathering more information on the “new phenomenon.”

We cannot rely solely on our government to provide us protection from dangerous substances like e-cigarettes. I know I’ll be making my home water vapour free. Yes, from here on out, the only thing anyone will be inhaling in my house is what ever makes up our natural atmosphere, just like God intended.