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ATTENTION: HOTTIE ALERT! Analysis of several recent Canadian polls reveals that Thomas Mulcair (43% approval) is almost as popular as Justin Trudeau (45% approval). Tom Mulcair is now way more popular than Stephen Harper (34% approval), and it’s hard to think that this surge in approval isn’t because of his damn fine looks. Does Mulcair’s erupting popularity mean good things for the NDP in the next election? Or will the orange blaze fizzle out too early? Here are some bold predictions.

BAD HAIR DAY: Mulcair’s enhanced popularity might come from the fact that he’s cutting back on the hair enhancement products. Only one year ago, Mulcair looked like he was rocking Just For Men’s Autostop formula for a jet black beard. Now, he seems to have toned things down with a transition to JFM’s Touch of Grey special moustache and beard formula. With Canada’s aging population, style advisors might have suggested this move after recognizing the growing appeal of a thick, rugged, wise, yet still sexy bushel of hairs on Mulcair’s chin. Bold move, Mulcair!


It’s a whole new Mulcair!
Andrew Tolson | Andre Forget/QMI

MULCAIR’S FACEBOOK FRENZY: Although more people approve of Mulcair, it doesn’t look like it’s doing him any good in the race to become the PM. Even with his surge in approval, only 17% of Canadians would select Mulcair when asked who would make the best prime minister. It’s like when those kids who are running for a position in student council or who just got a job to promote events for some sketchy all-ages club go and add thousands of people on Facebook to get the word out. Sure, they seem really popular with those 5,000 “friends” now, but it’s not like many of those “friends” are really going to vote for them or pay ten bucks to see DJ Fidel Cashflow spin his tracks at the Cosmo Lounge.
NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY PARTY: If you support the NDP, don’t pull out the party blowers and confetti canons yet! Although Canadians might have realized that Mulcair is really, really cool, they seem indifferent to the NDP as a party. Whether or not Mulcair has had any impact, NDP federal polling levels haven’t shifted much in the last year. It seems as though Mulcair’s popularity isn’t enough to bolster NDP support. Maybe the party will need to throw some real parties–preferably of the disco variety–to boost their numbers.
Canadians know Mulcair is so hot right now, yet the NDP appears lukewarm. Although sparks have flown between Mulcair and the Canadian public, the NDP still needs some propane to get the fire going. The Mulcair-related conclusion we can probably all agree on: get this guy a GQ cover shoot!

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