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A convenient archive of everything that happened this week, and every past week, in Canadian politics and news.

"I have enough to eat at home"

Depose Ford and Annex Toronto | Counter-Counter-Point

This article is part of our series Counter-Counter-Counter-Point. For a call for Rob Ford to stay in office, read Kyle Muzyka's perspective. With the wrath of the mighty storm o' ice still paralyzing the c...

Patrick and the Brass-Oh!

  Dean Tweed   Lately, Senator Patrick Brazeau has been loafing around.  While this is nothing out of the ordinary for a Canadian Senator, Brazeau’s is a special case.  Charged with sexual a...

Keep Ford in Office | Counter-Point

Let's be honest here: at your desk job, you check Twitter on the daily. You glance down at what's trending, and you see two very familiar syllables: Rob Ford. Then, you encounter one of two feelings: a large, e...

The Red Menace

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, has, in recent memory, restructured immigration policy to shift towards “more efficiently accepting migrants who can best contribute to the Canadian economy.” This ...

This Just In: Rob Ford Remains a Human Being

Rob Ford, facing the ravenous hordes of the Toronto media elite.Andrew Louis   “As you know, I’m a human being,” Rob Ford said, as obvious hour began on schedule at Toronto City Hall.  Reporters who...