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Indecision 2015

Coverage of the 2015 election starts years in advance. All the posturing, campaigning and insanity will be discussed.

Cheryl Gallant: The Least Liked MP in Canada?

“Before I go into my questions I just do want to correct the record. You see the Liberals subscribe to Joseph Goebbels’ mantra that, if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually be...

QUIZ – Who Said It: Thomas Mulcair or Donald Trump?

It’s scary how much left wing party leader Thomas Mulcair and publicly right wing business magnate Donald Trump have in common. | They may come from different places on the political spectrum, different coun...

Will Abortion Be The Ballot Box Question in Canada?

The answer is no, but not for lack of trying by the Liberals and NDP. Yesterday Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said that all candidates for the Liberal Party in the 2015 election must be pro-choice, igniting a f...

Justin Trudeau on Abortion: I <3 Party Discipline

  "Party discipline has become absurdly over-used." So said Justin Trudeau in the plank of his platform entitled Democratic Reform: Trusting Canadians. "I have made it clear that future candidate...