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Indecision 2015

Coverage of the 2015 election starts years in advance. All the posturing, campaigning and insanity will be discussed.

Low Expectations: A Novel By Thomas Mulcair

  Last week, Thomas Mulcair launched a scathing attack on Justin Trudeau and accused him of being unable to relate to the country's middle-class citizens due to his affluent upbringing under the auspi...
That is, THE LIBERAL PARTY!!11!!!11

A Nation Mourns as Zach Paikin Resigns

  A political shockwave of earth shattering proportions exploded through the country on Monday afternoon as Liberal starlet-darling (starling?) Zach Paikin, the son of the decidedly unremarkable anc...

Pirate Party not ready to jump ship

Daniel Ramirez As the Federal Election of 2015 looms ahead, this seems an appropriate time to reflect on our political atmosphere and take a look at some of its many players. As Canadians and realistic citi...

QUIZ – Who Said It: Justin Trudeau or Superman?

| Who said these inspiring and optimistic quotes? | The man with the red cape, or the man with the red party? | Take our quiz to find out! | | Thanks for playing, and don't forget to share this ...
In Eldritch terror I gazed into the room, but with the question on my lips, the only response was a period.

Question. Period?

  My fellow Canadians, the skies have darkened, and the threat of despotism looms on the horizon once again. Two days after the end of the holidays for our elected representatives, the leader of the...