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Indecision 2015

Coverage of the 2015 election starts years in advance. All the posturing, campaigning and insanity will be discussed.

Justin Trudeau: Ready or Not, Here He Comes!

It isn't the first time that JT has brought sexy back, nor the first time we've coronated a monarch based solely on their heritage. In Canada, they say it's only official once Peter Mansbridge has said it. And,...

Stephen Harper To Resign as Prime Minister

The following is at best a somewhat accurate approximation of the speech Stephen Harper just delivered   Let's be clear. I lost. But really, we lost, because I was all that held this country together...

LIVE Canadian Election Coverage

DECLARED: LIBERAL MAJORITY Live Results Map   The True North Times is your one stop shop for tonight's federal election results. A live riding-by-riding electoral map will keep you updated with the ...

The True North Times Endorsement: Our Democracy

Since inception, the mission of The True North Times has been to provide witty and biting commentary to Canadians about the real issues facing our nation. In this election campaign, and approaching the second a...

Is Canada Ready to Fulfill the Nixon Prophecy?

From the Vietnam War to Watergate (apparently the father of every scandal since), Richard Nixon was a pretty big idiot. Few people dispute this- he frequents lists of the "worst U.S. Presidents." His reputation...

(TIMELINE) The Chronicles of Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party has been an environmental activist for over 35 years. Her credits include the Sierre Club, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, the Ministry of the Environment, and of cours...

(TIMELINE) The Chronicles of Gilles Duceppe

Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Québécois has an eventful career as a union negotiator, MP, party leader, militant communist, and hairnet fashionista. He was the longest serving party leader for his service ...