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Liberal MP John McKay was apparently caught on camera saying that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau banning all pro-life candidates was a “bozo eruption.” Trudeau has taken to throwing red meat to the base in recent times in order to rally supporters. But, the meat was rotten to begin with, and it seems that it was stolen from the NDP’s butcher. After abortion comments set off a national conversation on how no one is taking away abortion in this country but party discipline still sucks, one MP accused JT of sucking the most.


El volcán del Trudeau has blown its bozo load, and erupted across the countryside

El volcán del Trudeau has blown its bozo load, and erupted across the countryside
Tomas Tan | CAN | Screen Insults


McKay’s quote went further than just calling his leader a bozo. He said that he at first thought that Trudeau’s remarks were simply a bozo eruption, but what is “even more disturbing is that his brain trust might have actually thought about this.” That’s right, scarier than Justin Trudeau making a horrible blunder is that his shady group of (hopefully) competent advisors might have actually thought that this was a good idea.

While McKay has formally apologized to Trudeau and told the media that he believed that he was at a private dinner where he was speaking off the record, the statement stands. When he thinks nobody’s looking, he is totally talking trash about boy wonder. Maybe he’s not the only Liberal doing so. Trudeau himself has accepted McKay’s apology and said that the issue is closed and they’re moving on, but we can feel the tension in the air.

Indeed, John McKay, longtime Liberal member of parliament feels that he is being chased out by the Catholic heretic who claims that the Liberal old guard (hilariously best represented by his father), just isn’t progressive enough in the modern Liberal party. Never mind that Justin Trudeau’s whole “no more party discipline” is suddenly gone and that plenty of pro-choice Canadians will now turn the Liberals’ #HopeAndHardWork to #HardForHope, where hope here is power, but that it’s almost as though the Liberals are trying to poach votes from the NDP at the same time as they are running as far to the right as possible, with tactics ranging from rambling about cutting taxes to complaining that Harper hasn’t been able to build Keystone XL.

So, what was McKay, who has moral objections to 9th month abortions to do? In a moment of weakness, he spoke out against what he saw as a “Bozo Eruption,” which has wreaked havoc upon yonder Liberal Party of old. He made scathing remarks about the increasingly insane publicity pushes of the Trudeau “brain trust,” who have come to approve ridiculous antics such as swearing publicly all the time to prove his hipness. I suppose McKay was regretting the Trudeau coronation at the expense of Marc Garneau, astronaut and generally incredible person. Maybe Canadians were feeling a little dynastic and wanted someone to be elected because of their hair and last name rather than substantive policy.

Alas, their wish has been granted, and we now find ourselves at the mercy of incompetent spin doctors who do not know up from down, party discipline from slavery, or movie clown from MP. Maybe McKay will join the Conservatives, though anti-abortion views aren’t even accepted in that party. Maybe he’ll yearn for a time when the centrist party meant that all views were welcome, and that no one would be forced to feel like a traitor in the face of increasingly ersatz ideological fervour in the same lifetime that those views were commonplace in the party.

El volcán del Trudeau has blown its bozo load, and erupted across the countryside. Perhaps the brain trust will save the villagers, but we all know that they’ll be forced to burn as long as they continue to disagree.