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Federal Politics

The most important news from federal politics, the Canadian government and those folks in Parliament.

(GAME) The Adventures of Stephen Harper

      The Adventures of Stephen Harper is an ode to the classic "choose-your-own-adventure" style of games from yesteryear. In his adventures, Prime Minister Harper navigates through the hus...

Joe Oliver Cancels Speech at Men-Only Club

Joe Oliver was supposed to speak about "the future of the Canadian economy" at the Cambridge Club, a swanky men-only club in Toronto, this Thursday. Then, just two hours before his scheduled appearance, Oliver ...

Opinion: Liberal or NDP Government Would Ruin Us

Canada is the greatest country in the world, and is now greater than ever before. Canadians live in an unambiguously free society with diverse, ample, gainful employment opportunities spread evenly from west to...

(MAP) Indecision 2015: A Look Back At 2011 Results

While Canadians are already in the thick of the current federal election, it's important to look back at what brought the political landscape to its current state. In the interactive map above, you'll find ...

The Road to Prime Minister: A War of Three Kings

Westeros: The Canada of the Fictional World  Although some might consider the 13 Districts of Panem to be the fictional incarnation of our native land, numeric similarities aside, there is no better Canada o...

Stephen Harper’s Campaign in Montreal

The official federal election campaign kicked off on August 2nd. This will be the longest and almost certainly the most expensive election campaign in Canadian history. For at least one day, it was also surpris...