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But can anything really stop Harper?
Twitter, @DailyGleaner

Just when you thought Harper couldn’t do (much) more damage, he’s at it again. Or at least he’s the inspiration behind it. Prince Rupert, a tiny city hidden in Northern B.C., has been plagued by a series of anti-Harper vandalism. Troublemakers have been posting stickers with Harper’s name on them under stop signs so they read “Stop Harper”.

While the defacement may seem like harmless fun, it has been said to pose a safety hazard to drivers and pedestrians alike. Operations manager Garin Gardiner explained to the CBC’s radio program Daybreak North that “they are obstructing the signs or affecting the coating that is on there to make it less reflective and they are not as effective for drivers”. Removal of the stickers is also very costly. It reportedly costs the city $53.50 to remove each sticker and so far only six of them have been addressed. Taxpayers have outspokenly not been happy that their money has to be used to fix someone else’s own belligerent acts of vandalism.


At least Harper is probably happy about this.
The Huffington Post

Harper Hate isn’t just an isolated feeling, but a nationwide movement.

This isn’t the first time that anti-Harper vandalism has popped up during this campaign season. Fredericton, New Brunswick dealt with their own anti-Harper stop signs in June and were very adamant that this was not free speech, but in fact vandalism. Many Canadians have taken to Twitter to showcase targeted stop signs in their own neighbourhoods—all the way from Edmonton to Toronto to PEI. Guess the Harper Hate isn’t just an isolated feeling, but a nationwide movement.

The twist in the story is that the Conservatives are now reportedly in the lead, albeit not by very much. On August 15th, 2015 , The Huffington Post released  polling statistics that put the Tories in the head of the game. Conservatives have a reported 55.8% chances of winning the most seats, while the NDP trails with a small gap, at 44.1% chances. The Liberals have also upped their game with a reported 0.1% chance to win the most seats. It may not be a lot, but it’s a big increase from their former 0% chance of winning, so Harper and his crew may have more competition from the Young Trudeau 2.0 and his posse than he anticipated. At least that’s probably making the stop sign vandals a little bit happy. The question that remains is whether the increase in Harper’s chances will escalate the vandalism or if they’ll be deterred by the $54 odd dollars it takes to reverse their “artwork” (and, okay, the possible criminal charges).

A little bit of anti-Harper discourse may not be a bad thing.

Don’t worry too much Harper, you’re still in the lead.
Canadian Press

If you want my opinion, I think the surge in Harper’s chances will inspire more anti-Harper propaganda. The Prime Minister has had a few questionable last years in power and I don’t think Canada wants to see what another couple years of his reign would do to our beloved country. From Canada’s increasing emissions to Harper’s failed budget to the Family Tax Cut (and, believe me, I could keep going), Harper doesn’t have the best resume anymore. While I’m not encouraging any sort of vandalism, a little bit of anti-Harper discourse may not be a bad thing. Let’s just try to do it in a legal way, shall we kids?