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Canada is the greatest country in the world, and is now greater than ever before. Canadians live in an unambiguously free society with diverse, ample, gainful employment opportunities spread evenly from west to east and north to south. With so many high-paying jobs, most Canadians spend their abundance of leisure time wondering how to store the stockpiles of cash they have lying around their vast estates. Sadly, there is an election in the near future, and it threatens to destroy all that Canadians have come to love. If the Liberals or NDP win the election, Canada’s booming economy could grind to a halt. We could lose all of this.

A Canadian backyard during the Harper years.

A Canadian backyard during the Harper years.
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So warns Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister, and the man who delivered the bounty of wealth that Canadians enjoy today. At a speech in Drummondville, Quebec, he said that the NDP and Liberals are a “major risk” to the Canadian economy because they “would embark on large-scale, permanent spending increases” that they would “finance through deficits.” This would be terrible news for Canada.

An NDP or Liberal government would be a disaster because the Canadian people and economy cannot handle another four years of large-scale spending increases financed through deficits. We’ve already suffered through that for nearly 10 years under Stephen Harper, who is now warning us about the perils of his economic management style.

Go ahead and fault Harper for inconsistency, but don’t mistake that for confusion on his part. He has been very clear. Canada needs to stay the course, and by that he means that Canada needs to manage the economy the same way he has… Unless he thinks the other parties are going to do that, in which case we need a different plan, but that plan should still be the same as the one he has been or will be running, which will presumably be similar in everything but name to the worst case scenario he describes when discussing Liberal or NDP economic management. But, again, he has been very clear.

The proof that Harper is right lies in the CBC’s description of the contrast between Conservative and Liberal/NDP economic management. The CBC paraphrases Harper’s description of the spectre of NDP/Liberal rule as government that would put Canada “on the wrong course” to “deeper deep deficit.” That could be an admission of guilt, but let’s forget what’s written in invisible ink. At face value, deeper deep deficit is worse than garden variety deep deficit. Ipso facto, when Canadians put their hands on the wheel this October, “steady as she goes” should be their mantra.

  • It’s a fact that the Cons base support largely consists of the less educated, those susceptible to fear mongering and those who gravitate towards authoritarian (even despotic) leaders. It’s an old trick, if you scare people about the “other” they respond favorably to the “law and order” candidate.

    Harper uses propaganda to speak to these people. The real question is whether the rest of Canada, citizens who support science, social justice, evidence-based public policy, a healthy environment, support for our most vulnerable and veterans, and those who believe that government can be a force for good, can rouse themselves and like-minded neighbors on voting day to put a political end to Harper and this farce of a government.

  • Linda White

    It’s rich that Harper would talk of any other party running a deficit after he’s managed to run 8 consecutive deficits. Some economic policy.

  • Provin’theConsWrongIsEasy


    Either government would be prosperous for Canada; however, NDP would be better. Facts and numbers show wherever the NDP has governed, the provinces have been prosperous. They also have the best balanced budget record.

    People just can’t accept the fact that the wealthy and corporations need to pay the lions share of taxes, not receive over double the refund back than they paid.

    • jackskod7

      yes I agree, make the rich pay, we have the super rich and huge corporate giants that pay less taxes than some poor folks working at Walmart, something is wrong with that

    • dave bainard

      A lot of those big corporation are owned by Mutual Funds and CPP. Taxing them more is like kicking yourself.

    • lifeslikethat

      Wherever the NDP have governed the provinces have been prosperous? Google Manitoba. Balanced budgets? Manitoba’s NDP haven’t balanced a budget in over 15 years.
      Yes I happen to live in this “prosperous” province. Our economy is statistically prosperous until you remove things like ever increasing transfer payments from the Feds, raiding of crown corporations funding, and ever increasing rates for the services those crown (clown?) corporations deliver.
      My employment has provided me with annual increases in my wages consistent with the Canadian cost of living these past fifteen years, but thanks to our benevolent NDP provincial government I take home less actual cash than I did ten years ago.
      If this is what a federal NDP government proposes, I might as well sell everything right now, apply for ei before that fund ceases to exist, and try to live under a bridge somewhere until either the money runs out or the authorities put me in a care home.
      I dread that this may come to pass, but then again, none of the other parties give me much hope for the future either

  • TheClearthinker

    You are, of course, ignorant of the facts. It is one thing to deal with a deficit that arose because the Harper government was

    a) forced to spend over $40billion to appease Liberals and NDPers, who were losing their cool in 2008, and in fact wanted the government to spend over $80billion, to do so

    b)trying to reduce the tax burden on the average Canadian by cutting back GST and

    c) encouraging business by reducing corporate taxes.

    It is an entirely different thing to incur deficits

    a)to pay for a $3billion a year day care programme that no one wants(see Ontario for example)

    b) to pay for massive infrastructure committments in excess of the substantial ones promised by the Conservatives which can be done WITHOUT incurring a deficit, which incremenatl amounts have not been shown to answer any need other than to provide a soundbite for the MSM to swallow and

    c)which would be incurred despite the promised corporate tax hikes which would of course scare away jobs and real economic growth.

    Your smugness and sarcasm are of course charming to the initiates, but have no resonance among anyone who has the slightest familiarity with economics, political management, and the events of the last ten years. It is incomprehensible that despite the incompetent depredations of the Harper government on the poor unfortunate population of Canada, we continue to maintain unprecedented world domination as the best country in existence, where everyone wants to live, especially those who come from countries dominated by tyrants, none of which come close to Stephen Harper, of course. How strange.

    • Linda White

      Hilarious rebuttal. When has Harper EVER tried to appease the other parties – hahaha, got to be kidding. And show me one study that proves reducing corporate taxes encourages business or creates jobs for that matter. And the people in Quebec are over the moon about $7/day daycare because it increases household income significantly – why wouldn’t other provinces love it? And, sorry, we are not the country who dominates as the best country in existence – do you make all your shit up? We’re not even close:

      • Lin A

        Ignorance runs wild with liberals and it’s only when we all have to pay for poor policy that they will kill their own at the polls. That’s the way they operate all the while accusing conservatives of being uneducated and narrow minded .
        Rich really rich.

    • jackskod7

      Oh yes everyone else is just plain stupid and while we are on the subject of smugness your sarcastic comments are ok I guess

  • jackskod7

    These political hacks in Ottawa not to mention the other thieves at Queens Park continue to tax the poor while giving huge bonuses to their flunkies just like Wynne gave a recent bonus to that football player in charge of Ontario hydro, mind you its time he got a raise after all he has worked there over a month now. Oh yes and did anyone notice the 10% hike in vehicle registration fees and the obscene hike in traffick offences which are by design aimed at the poor just like they do in the US. Way to go wynne