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Canada is the greatest country in the world, and is now greater than ever before. Canadians live in an unambiguously free society with diverse, ample, gainful employment opportunities spread evenly from west to east and north to south. With so many high-paying jobs, most Canadians spend their abundance of leisure time wondering how to store the stockpiles of cash they have lying around their vast estates. Sadly, there is an election in the near future, and it threatens to destroy all that Canadians have come to love. If the Liberals or NDP win the election, Canada’s booming economy could grind to a halt. We could lose all of this.

A Canadian backyard during the Harper years.

A Canadian backyard during the Harper years.
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So warns Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister, and the man who delivered the bounty of wealth that Canadians enjoy today. At a speech in Drummondville, Quebec, he said that the NDP and Liberals are a “major risk” to the Canadian economy because they “would embark on large-scale, permanent spending increases” that they would “finance through deficits.” This would be terrible news for Canada.

An NDP or Liberal government would be a disaster because the Canadian people and economy cannot handle another four years of large-scale spending increases financed through deficits. We’ve already suffered through that for nearly 10 years under Stephen Harper, who is now warning us about the perils of his economic management style.

Go ahead and fault Harper for inconsistency, but don’t mistake that for confusion on his part. He has been very clear. Canada needs to stay the course, and by that he means that Canada needs to manage the economy the same way he has… Unless he thinks the other parties are going to do that, in which case we need a different plan, but that plan should still be the same as the one he has been or will be running, which will presumably be similar in everything but name to the worst case scenario he describes when discussing Liberal or NDP economic management. But, again, he has been very clear.

The proof that Harper is right lies in the CBC’s description of the contrast between Conservative and Liberal/NDP economic management. The CBC paraphrases Harper’s description of the spectre of NDP/Liberal rule as government that would put Canada “on the wrong course” to “deeper deep deficit.” That could be an admission of guilt, but let’s forget what’s written in invisible ink. At face value, deeper deep deficit is worse than garden variety deep deficit. Ipso facto, when Canadians put their hands on the wheel this October, “steady as she goes” should be their mantra.