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Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife, Laureen, is welcoming nighttime visitors to 24 Sussex Drive.


Nosfrateau suddenly realizes that Harper must sleep in a coffin in the basement too!

Nosferatu suddenly realizes that Harper must sleep in a coffin in the basement too.
Nosferatu Screencap


No, these aren’t the growing number of angry youth (including Young Conservatives) who find themselves screwed over by her husband’s administration and want to TP the primeministerial castle.  The guests she’s welcoming are similar in appearance to small rodents, can’t see with their eyes alone, eat better than most Canadians, have been stereotyped as bloodsucking monsters, and are cousins of Nosferatu. No, I’m not talking about Finance Minister Joe Oliver and Treasury Board President Tony Clement (though I do realize how they could be confused). The guests I’m talking about are bats.


I want to suck up all your social services!

“I want to suck up all your social services.”
Nosferatu Poster


Animal loving Laureen Harper is welcoming a pair of pest controllers to get rid of bugs around 24 Sussex. It is yet unknown whether her husband supports her in this endeavor because they still won’t get rid of larger pests like the press, the opposition parties, the courts and his MPs.  With help from the Rideau Wildlife Sanctuary, bats referred to only as “16” and “9” (perhaps in reference to Get Smart! or to the Cylon race in Battlestar Galactica) have been installed on the property. Some of the family’s other furry friends, like Stanley the Chinchilla, had to be relocated to another part of the residence.



New infrastructure was needed to complete the relocation. Because the PM doesn’t like to create new infrastructure himself, his wife had to get a couple of people from the local RONA to build it for them.

Given that bats lack a reputation of being cute and cuddly, it is doubtful if the Prime Minister will seek to use the bats in photo ops the same way he has used cats. Besides, he’s already required to appear for photo ops with Oliver and Clement and they’re unappealing enough!

With no date as to when the bats will be returned to the wildlife sanctuary, one question remains: who will be the first one to stop calling 24 Sussex their home?