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Disgraced Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro has just been found guilty of exeeding election spending limits, under-reporting expenses, and submitting inaccurate campaign expense reports. In addition, Del Mastro was charged with exceeding the personal contribution limit to his own campaign, which he was found guilty of as well. 7 charges were laid in total.



“$21,000…$2,100. Come on, what’s the difference?”


Del Mastro, who now sits as an independent Parliamentarian, used to be the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister himself. The best part of his stint with the Conservatives was when he served on the House of Commons Ethics Committee.

Folks may also remember Del Mastro was Harper’s hand-picked defense against the 2011 robocall scandal. Whoops. When allegations surfaced, Del Mastro assured the public he would be giving a “spirited and indisputable defence” of his innocence. He never really explained what that would entail, but I guess it doesn’t matter now.

As a Member of Parliament, the verdict may also result in Del Mastro being barred from running for re-election in 2015, or he may be removed from Parliament altogether. Courts have said his sentencing date will be November 21.


Note to readers: This article will be updated as more information surfaces