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First the long-gun registry, and now guns in the Senate. Does the Conservative attack on our most deeply-held values know no end? In part two of the repeal of gun control, Harper’s cronies in the Senate are trying to arm the guards that protect them, proving another double standard on Parliament Hill.

Next time you’re on the Hill, take a look around. RCMP officers trolling the grounds, armed parliament security with 9mm pistols inside the House of Commons, and Senate staff with expandable batons. Once they get guns, the Hill will be Fort Knox, so that the political class can be protected from all external threats while the peasants in actual cities or rural areas are left without arms to defend themselves, and police forces spread thin. What a time to be alive. Or something.


What's astounding is that the pomp and circumstance isn't thick enough to protect them from harmCanadian Press

What’s astounding is that the pomp and circumstance isn’t thick enough to protect them from harm
Canadian Press


What’s really an interesting issue is that Canadian Senators finally feel that they’re important enough to warrant protection. After all, the last incident requiring security came in 2011, when a page (professional note-passer) walked to the centre of the room with a small piece of paper that said “Stop Harper.” Chilling. This is why we need armed guards standing by the Senate at all times. But, according to senior staff, there was a bomb threat in 1996, and, some Senators have reported receiving death threats. Ah, and the truth comes out.

After years of scandal, heaping billions of dollars from the taxpayer trough to Senator’s mouths they now worry about an uprising. From across the nation, they fear Canadians will march on parliament hill and demand accountability. Even former Senators laugh at how ridiculous the scenario is. Hugh Segal answered “the cabinet, all the members of Parliament, the high command of the Armed Forces, the guys who sell fries on the Sparks Street Mall — they’d all have to be dead before you get to people as unimportant as senators” in a recent interview.

What’s really silly is that the House of Commons already has security staff. Would it not just make sense to have one set of staff responsible for the whole Hill with divisions in each building? Au contraire, more guns and less coordination is always the way to go.