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Doug Ford has now publicly contradicted Toronto mayoral candidate Karen Stintz, who after being accused by Doug of stealing a list of Ford supporters said that she and Doug had come to an agreement on the matter. Doug says that she’s a total thief and that he never agreed to anything. Also that she’s mean.


She's just so meanRick Madonik

She’s just so mean to Doug
Rick Madonik


In case you missed it, earlier this week Toronto City Councillor and best-brother-ever Doug Ford told the world that a propriety list of supporters was stolen from Mayor Rob Ford, a list which included private contact information. After apparently hearing from some friends, Doug claims that people from that list were receiving unsolicited emails and calls from the Stintz campaign. Using detective skills only rivaled by Sherlock Holmes himself, Doug deduced that Stintz must have stolen the list.

Even though we all thought Rob’s possessions were safe, between Doug protecting them and the locks on the mayor’s office being changed, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a rival candidate got his supporter list. They all want it very desperately, since they figure the best way to get votes is to steal them from the candidate who’s in rehab for addiction of some kind.

Now that Stintz said everything is cleared up and Doug has disagreed with her, all we know for sure is that a police investigation is ongoing. It’s likely some former Ford staffer went to the Stintz campaign and brought the list in a fancy briefcase, feeling very cool about him or herself. The only alternative is that Stintz employs a (or is a) ninja or jewel thief, and that seems to be unlikely at this point.

The real question we should all be asking is: what does this mean for the campaign and for the election that’s still months away? Probably nothing, obviously. But if it did mean something, it would be good for Stintz in that she has a huge list of potential voters, since she figures nobody in their right mind would vote for Rob Ford. Ford Nation would disagree with that assessment, but she’s feeling pretty smug. At the same time, if the police investigation turns up evidence that her people were involved, this could be the largest scandal in a municipal election since that time rampant corruption didn’t affect the Montreal municipal election at all! That’s huge!

Doug and Karen clearly don’t get along and are clearly sending each other mixed messages. Hopefully they clear everything up in the next few days, so their feuding and petty theft don’t drive Rob Ford back to booze once he’s returned next week.