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Welcome to the True North Times’ interpretation of 24/SEVEN: a recap of the past week in the life of the Prime Minister of Canada, and more.



This week is another one for the books of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his country! He was busy this week, mostly doing things from last week, as shown to us through the lens of 24/SEVEN.

First off, the Prime Minister announced the end of the Afghan conflict as well as hosted a reception for a team of injured or ill war veterans, which was, again, mentioned last week in the video.

Then, our fearless leader found himself in a meeting with the patriarch of the Ukrainian-Greek Catholic church, to discuss — you guessed it — the situation in Ukraine. Similar to a billboard number one hit, tougher sanctions were posed on Russia for the third straight week!

Seemingly at the same time, Harper was also in good ol’ Edmonton to announce Quanto’s Law, one that will help protect service dogs and police dogs. While Stephen was busy with law stuff, Mrs. Harper was up in the mountainous village of Jasper to cut the ribbon for the new Glacier Skywalk in the national park.

And perhaps this week’s most important announcements weren’t even made by our Prime Minister. Instead, it was Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Natural Resource Minister Greg Rickford announcing new legislation on the tools for transporting black gold. The rules are to further prevent spills from pipelines and tanker trucks.

In the meantime, Stephen Harper greets a few older gentlemen, who may strike one as the biker type and takes a photo with them. Contemplating his wardrobe choices, he asks, “how do you think this look would be for me?” I bet it would look nice, Mr. Prime Minister. Real nice.

Finally, we are privileged to hear another tidbit from our PM’s personal life, where he tells the story of bringing his son Ben, who was three at the time, into a supermarket.

The story goes that Ben once pointed to a man dressed like a biker and said, at the top of his lungs, “look, daddy, a bad guy!” …The rest of the people in the room roar with laughter!

Raconteur, peacemaker and dog activist. He can do it all, can’t he?


Here’s what they missed:

Ah, our Prime Minister, what a troll. Here’s an article about how he made fun of Leafs fans after the Habs’ game seven victory in Boston! That sly fox.

A former Harper aide has been charged with illegal lobbying. There’s no way this could have went on during his time with Harper, though. He served him over 6 years ago. People change.

Finally, here’s an interesting comparison between Stephen Harper and Lance Armstrong. One thing in common is that they both probably know how to ride a bike!

Or, at least look at one.