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Election 2014 - Battle of Quebec

320 years after the Battle of Quebec, a second has erupted. Who will prevail in this epic battle? The Anglophone culture-destroyers, or the benevolent, heritage conscious Parti Québécois?

Quebec Votes 2014 – What Happened Last Night?

Time for some hard anal(ysis)! The results have rolled on in, and man oh man was this an exciting race. Our TNT in-house poll projected: PLQ - 66, PQ - 46, CAQ - 11, and QS - 2. What we didn't count on was t...

Watching the Ridings – Quebec Election 2014

Everybody knows that in First Past the Post, some ridings are more important than others. Here's our analysis on some of the most shocking results on the evening, in some of the most contentious ridings. We'll ...

Quebec 2014 – LIVE Coverage #TNTqc

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La Serviette Rouge

Quebec electors – or at least those who manage to convince a registration official that they have the right to vote – are going to the polls on April 7th.  For those who have something to do that day, Le Direct...

The Economy: Quebec’s Forgotten Child

What do the electors of Quebec really care about? What seemingly is an unimposing question is actually the most difficult question to answer of this years electoral campaign. We hear a lot of news about the Cha...