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Weekly Recap

A convenient archive of everything that happened this week, and every past week, in Canadian politics and news.

How the Brits see Canada

Are We More Than a Former Colony? Huffington Post   What does the world think about us? This question is pondered by many Canadians, and often leads to us exaggerating how much anyone actually care...

How the United States sees Canada

Are we more than hockey loving stereotypes? Wikiemedia Commons What does the world think about us? This question is often pondered by so many Canadians and often leads to us exaggerating how much anyone ac...

The Road to Prime Minister: A War of Three Kings

Westeros: The Canada of the Fictional World  Although some might consider the 13 Districts of Panem to be the fictional incarnation of our native land, numeric similarities aside, there is no better Canada o...

Stephen Harper’s Campaign in Montreal

The official federal election campaign kicked off on August 2nd. This will be the longest and almost certainly the most expensive election campaign in Canadian history. For at least one day, it was also surpris...

Tories Stand to Benefit From Early Election

Canadians are buzzing about the latest election news. Ok, we're actually droning, but that's as good as it gets these days. Stephen Harper met with his henchman--aka the Governor General--and drew up the writs ...

The NDP and “No Harper, No Debate” Policy

In the beginning, there was one debate in English and one debate in French. That remained the case up until this year, when the Prime Minister decided to change everything. With a fixed date election on the hor...