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Quizzes, lists and other features to keep Canadian politics upbeat and hilarious. Want to know which corrupt senator you are?

Shit Trudeau Says: An Interactive Site

We've done it before with Rob Ford, and we're doing it again with Justin Trudeau. In the midst of all the insane things the Liberal leader says, including misremembering which Russian politician he met with, we...

10 Jobs John Baird May Have After Resigning

Canada's favourite angry man is sadly leaving his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs. His tenure was marked famously by cats, yelling, and other stuff. While John Baird is not telling folks where he is going n...

The Chronicles of Rob Ford: A Timeline

.postlayout-fullwidth .post-column article { padding: 0px; } .postbody-wrapper { border-top: 1px solid #EFEFEF; margin: 0px 0px; } Rob Ford is no longer running for Mayor of Toronto, but his ...

Ford Says What? An Interactive Site

We all know that Rob Ford and his family have said some pretty crazy things. The Toronto mayor has made a fool of himself on countless occasions, and his brother Doug has made some comments that are hard to bel...

Top 10 People Who Earn Less Than An Aboriginal Chief

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act has made it mandatory for Aboriginal groups to disclose their finances. The most surprising revelation is the discrepancy between the earnings of First Nation Chiefs...