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Quizzes, lists and other features to keep Canadian politics upbeat and hilarious. Want to know which corrupt senator you are?

Nine Candidate Scandals in Nine Days: A TNT Exclusive

Most Canadians know surprisingly little about their candidates for office—especially how they think and act when in private. That’s why The True North Times investigated the online comments made by nine major-p...

(GAME) The Adventures of Stephen Harper

      The Adventures of Stephen Harper is an ode to the classic "choose-your-own-adventure" style of games from yesteryear. In his adventures, Prime Minister Harper navigates through the hus...

(MAP) Indecision 2015: A Look Back At 2011 Results

While Canadians are already in the thick of the current federal election, it's important to look back at what brought the political landscape to its current state. In the interactive map above, you'll find ...

7 Online Purchases Canadian Officials Need To Make

Recent documents revealed that Canadian Navy mechanics in Halifax had to search eBay for parts to keep HMCS Preserver, one of the nation’s two supply ships, afloat. The 45-year-old ship is set to retire within ...

10 Phrases the Quebec Language Police Should Enforce

The Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF), lovingly labeled the "language police" by most folk, have added a new word to their dictionary. If you are someone with a certain affinity towards food, you c...

5 Pieces of Artwork Justin Trudeau Should Be Selling

Hey folks! Remember the Liberal party? Well, they're trying to raise some money for their 2015 'Partisan Hackery Fund.' The Conservative Party seems to be blazing past all other parties when it comes to donatio...

Top 7 Jobs Danielle Smith Could Still Do

There was some big news out of Alberta this evening-- ex-Wildrose leader Danielle Smith has lost a nomination battle in the riding of Highwood. Smith was hoping to enter the Alberta legislature under the Progre...

Law and Order, Stephen Harper Style

The Canadian Press   The Harper government's law-and-order agenda has once again reared its ugly head. Last week, Prime Minister Harper announced that life means life, and he wasn't speaking about a...

What Justin Trudeau’s New Cabinet May Look Like

  THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang   By poaching former Conservative Eve Adams, Justin Trudeau has carried on a proud Liberal tradition. The Liberal Party braintrust not only invented the par...