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Quizzes, lists and other features to keep Canadian politics upbeat and hilarious. Want to know which corrupt senator you are?

QUIZ – Who Said It: Thomas Mulcair or Donald Trump?

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10 Ways Studying is Just Like Running Canada

It’s that time of year again.  The snow maybe-possibly-perhaps starts to melt, crowded bars boast rowdy hockey fans who cheer on the only Canadian NHL team in the running, and children run outside in mud slicke...

QUIZ – Who Said It: Justin Trudeau or Superman?

| Who said these inspiring and optimistic quotes? | The man with the red cape, or the man with the red party? | Take our quiz to find out! | | Thanks for playing, and don't forget to share this ...

Top 13 Crazy Canadian Twitter Battles

    Twitter is a wonderful tool. It allows the average Joe to engage with prominent figures across any industry. It has been instrumental during democratic revolutions that have spurred across the world. It b...

The Top 10 Unfortunately Named Places in Canada

We've taken you pumpkin racing in Nova Scotia, sea monster hunting off the coast of British Columbia, and you've seen the many gophers of Torrington, Alberta.Without further ado, here are the ten most unfortuna...