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It’s the dawn of a new day for highly contested former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair. Luckily for him, his new career rising on the horizon leaves him totally unaccountable for police-conduct towards anyone, let alone G20 protesters.


The smirk of a victor
Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press


Blair won the Liberal nomination for the Scarborough Southwest riding this Saturday. Currently, the riding is held by the NDP Dan Harris. Blair humbly commented on his success as “pretty gratifying.” Now that he has apparently connected with the Liberals in Scarborough Southwest, the next step is to “reach out to all people of Scarborough Southwest.” He added “I’m hoping I can be a strong voice for them.”

With Blair taken under the wing of already teenage-craze pop-star Justin Trudeau, I’m hoping that his return to the public eye will echo that of the Backstreet Boys: frosted tips and hordes of screaming girls and all.


“Oh my god, the amount of protesters I’d beat up for his youth…”
Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press


Interestingly enough, Blair’s riding sits in an area of high Ford-support concentration. If you recall back when the fool-headed exploits of Tweedle Rob and Tweedle Doug passed on the news, Blair embroiled himself in a playground rivalry with the tedious duo. Back in August 2014, Blair threatened to take legal action against Doug Ford, who then claimed Blair leaked information to the Toronto Star about his brother being subpoenaed. Rob was being summoned to testify as a witness at the preliminary hearing in an extortion case against someone in the mayor’s office.

If Ford supporters have a memory as short as their foresight, Blair could stand a chance in the running. As a matter of fact, I see no reason why Ford-nation couldn’t forge a liking to our former police chief. Blair is running with the federal party that introduced the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, while his former department is charged for violating this fundamental document. This is exactly the kind of media shit-storm that would make his future constituents drool and maybe even foam at the mouth.

It very well could be that Blair and Ford’s differences are actually what make them more of the same. With Justin Trudeau now thrown into the mix, I’m just excited I’ll be getting to use the term kafkaesque more often as the election pans out.