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Stop the presses, everyone! Not only has Justin Trudeau single-highhandedly revived the Liberal Party, bringing it out of the catacombs of irrelevance, but he has now innovated upon the generic “baby kissing” tactic used by politicians.

As we all know, politicians love being photographed with children. They give some cute kids a kiss on the forehead, and suddenly appear to be fit to run a nation of 35 million. For ages, politicians have used this strategy and have refused new approaches. They settled with the status-quo.

Not Justin. Never. While campaigning in the lower mainland of BC, Trudeau was seen balancing babies—his own and a Liberal supporter’s—on his right hand. One at a time, of course.


The legend begins.
Adam Scotti


To show that he isn’t just some arrogant elitist, he said “see, I don’t just do this with my own kids .” He has the courage and the generosity to hold the child of parents who may or may not fall under the highest income tax bracket. It’s humbling.

Justin, as a young(er) boy, was no stranger to the “baby-lifting” phenomenon. His father, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, often did this with him—so Justin says.

If you liked Pierre Trudeau, you should admire Justin’s choice to honour family tradition. If you don’t like Pierre Trudeau, shame on you for automatically tying Justin to his father’s mannerisms. Take your pick.

Later in the day, Trudeau attended West Vancouver Harmony Arts Festival, where local Liberal candidate and former mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones was also in attendance. Before anyone knew it, the two were breaking out their finest dance moves.

The Vancouver Sun described a moment where “a Liberal media aide cringed” while the pair was dancing. Does this mean Trudeau dances like a white guy?

I think this is a blatant attack from the ever-critical, right-wing media establishment that is so often plaguing this nation. Justin Trudeau is Dancing With The Stars worthy. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. Babies want to be lifted by him.

Just watch him.