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Almost three years ago, a bill allowing single-sport betting events passed the House of Commons.  Some Canadians are probably wondering why they couldn’t legally throw down their hard-earned cheddar on their favourite in the Battle for Greatness earlier this month–no, I’m not talking about the Alberta provincial elections. These Canadians have to look to the Senate, Canada’s sober second thought, to understand why they still can’t place (possibly) drunken, ill-thought bets on the world’s athletic stars.

The Senate still hasn’t passed Bill C-290, so we can’t bet on single-sport events, but the Senate can probably make special exceptions for other events.  They haven’t been too against rule-bending in the past.

Here are the top 5 contests on which the Senate should allow betting:


Even though the Senate might not allow betting on single events in Canada, we can only hope Vegas catches on and puts these big questions on their betting line.