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Welcome to the True North Times’ interpretation of 24/SEVEN: a recap of the past week in the life of the Prime Minister of Canada, and more.



This week, we’ve decided to omit the days of the week inside of the video, so that you cannot determine for yourselves if you feel our Prime Minister is doing enough for his job.

First, pregnant mothers filled the room as Stephen Harper spoke about mothers and their children and the amount of remedies we take for granted that should be available to mothers of even low-income status.

We also see our PM meet the new premiers of both Quebec and Alberta, which was very uneventful. After they shook hands, the premiers got back on the plane and left.

Sorry, just going to squeak this in here: “As with the Olympics, in the world, Canada is stronger with Quebec ,and Quebec is stronger with Canada.” – Stephen Harper

We need to make sure we push that Quebec and Canada are total bros as much as we can.

Wednesday was our Prime Minister’s birthday. He turned 75 last week!

…Err, 55. He has many years ahead of him, guys, so get comfortable.

Our leader caught some of his son’s volleyball game, which meant a lot to the young man (I mean Ben of course, even though Stephen is quite the young man himself, as we discovered together earlier). They then proceeded to watch the Raptors play Brooklyn in the playoffs, which was, in the long run, far more of a disappointment.

Towards the end, we see some pictures being snapped of the birthday cake. Of course, it had to have been asked, “did you put a filter on that?” No filter needed here, mister. We have pure transparency over here in the government.


Here’s what they missed: 

– Stephen Harper is not too keen on a senate reform, it seems. Or, it’s out of his control. Either way, he still wins, so it doesn’t really matter.

– He has posed even more sanctions on Russia, which “isolates Russia economically and politically.” This may be true, though we’re not entirely sure when they are going to start deporting the Russian hockey players that play here.

Well, that’s it for this week’s 24/SEVEN. Please subscribe!