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Weather not-so-specialst Tom Mulcair (

Weather not-so-specialst Tom Mulcair (

Thomas Mulcair made an odd stop on his Ontario pre-campaign campaign tour this week, joining a Hamilton news station to deliver the weather. Predicting lots of Sun in the long term forecast the NDP leader looks primed to ride his current momentum into the sunset.

Mulcair is making a conscious effort to make himself seem more fun and relatable. He is insisting on going by “Tom” rather than “Thomas”. He is touring Ontario kissing babies, which given the prickly beard must actually be about as pleasant as getting poked by a broom. Long thought to be the more serious, grounded challenger to Stephen Harper, as opposed to Justin Trudeau’s smiling and waving proficiency, Mulcair has entered campaign mode and looks at home doing it.

The man wants to move from forecasting thunderstorms to forecasting economic progress. He learned how to be a weatherman in 15 seconds apparently. This is bad news for the Conservative Party whose campaign is centred on the need for experience and “proven leadership”, which is obviously pointless given how fast Thomas Mulcair learns new things. Although the predictions of nothing but perfect weather will probably hurt weatherman Tom in debates about the environment sure to be central to his quest to unseat Harper.

“LOOK HOW RELATABLE I AM”–Tom Mulcair (Huffingtonpost)

Mulcair sadly, for those who prefer politics of substance, has departed from reasoned debate and moved towards gimmicks such as this. With Mulcair’s surging popularity Canadians have a serious decision to make. Under a Prime Minister Mulcair Canadians will need to decide if they, like regular CHCH weather specialist Jaclyn, “should be worried about their jobs.” Hopefully he gets back to crafting plans that will make us more inclined to the NDP side of the debate, even if it is a debate that the current government refuses to participate in.

Mulcair is making an effort to become the ‘fun dad’ Canada wants as Prime Minister after so many years of ‘serious dad’ Stephen Harper who works too much and doesn’t spend any time caring for Canada’s feelings. #TM4PM… Because we need a father figure who understands and nurtures our feelings, not some cold hearted, grey haired robot. Although, like when your father gets a little too into himself around your friends, Mulcair’s new found public persona may soon become embarrassing for his supporters and annoying to voters.