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Wai Young, Conservative MP and metaphor-making extraordinaire, recently compared the work of the Conservative party to that of Jesus Christ, the kind of important dude in the largest religion on the planet.

On Canada Day, Young delivered an Aaron Sorkin worthy (read: questionable) speech at Vancouver South’s Harvest City Church. He told attendees that the Harper government’s anti-terrorism and tough-on-crime measures put them “in the same vein as Jesus Christ.”

As we all know, the son of God to over a billion people worldwide would be a major supporter of Bill C-51 and Canada’s stance on punishing offenders. He probably thinks Justin Trudeau just isn’t ready, as well.

Young gave unrivaled insight about Jesus, noting “[He] served, he saved, but he acted as well. It’s because of these three things that his legacy has lasted over these millennia, over time.”

She continued, “Jesus served and acted to always do the right thing, not the most popular thing and we know all the stories about the Bible that share with us about that. I want to let you know that our government will stand firm. We will always act and do the right thing.”

There is no word as to whether Mike Duffy is en route to an eternal exile.

Young went on to make another bold, albeit less ‘let’s compare a tired government of a decade to the central figure of Christianity’ statement. According to her, the terrible Air India bombings of 1985 “would never have happened” if Bill C-51 was in place. Expert testimony says otherwise, but oh well.

While Stephen Harper and his devout followers are far from resembling Jesus, we think the comedy gods have had a major role in the Harper government’s antics.