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Did New Democratic Party candidate Alex Johnstone know what Auschwitz was? It seems unlikely that someone vying federal office could possibly be that ignorant. Then again, Donald Trump exists. Whatever the case, we were made aware of another ridiculous comment by the candidate for Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas about the Nazi death camp.



Yeah she's really running for office...

Yeah she’s really running for office…


The remark was made on the same album as her now infamous dick joke. This new photo is of a small brick bridge in the Facebook album titled “Auschwitz Birkenau”.  Johnstone comments, “this is the bridge where the three Billy goats crossed…” Thankfully and hilariously, the poster of the photos made her aware that this was “where people crossed to die in their bunks from exhaustion from being worked to death…”

So if Johnstone didn’t know before April 5th 2008 what Auschwitz was, she was given a pretty clear hint that day. This means that she is, in fact, an insensitive online troll and is not merely mind-bogglingly uninformed about world history. Also, she lied to Canadians when she said that she “didn’t know what Auschwitz was, or I didn’t until today.”

The bigger question is how she was able to become a representative for a major party. It remains to be seen how the NDP will move forward from here. Hopefully people don’t get ‘turned off’ by this kind of mudslinging and candidates like this don’t end up shaping this country’s future.