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Meet the Conservative candidate for Toronto-Danforth. No, not Tim Dutand (aka the Unicaller) who recently got axed. Let’s meet his replacement, Benjamin Dichter. Benjamin (let’s call him B.J. in the spirit of ironic detachment) has only been running for seven days, so let’s all get up to speed on what type of person he is.

First up, a video from the “Israel Video Network,” which shows a bunch a bunch of body bags apparently located in Gaza with the bodies still moving underneath them.




The subtitle says it all: “there are more actors in Gaza than Hollywood…” Get it? They’re implying casualties in the middle of a danger zone are manufactured propaganda. Just look at the video here, it has all the signs of a massive memorial: crowds of people are chatting and laughing while facing away from the bodies, and there’s loud festive music playing. It’s definitely not a protest of some kind.  In B.J.’s defence, he probably doesn’t speak Arabic and the YouTube closed captions aren’t working. Maybe he was just asking for some help getting the video translated to learn the real story. Good thing the Palestinian media filmed it all.

Moving on, let’s see how B.J. feels about his neighbours:




Well, if the scent of wet dog is rushing through your vents or surrounding the sushi place, chances are that there is…a wet dog or some dirty rags somewhere. Likely no cause for concern. Thankfully, B.J. wasn’t implying that they were cooking man’s best friend, as he said it smells like a wet dog, not cooked dog. Bullet dodged this time, B.J.

And, to finish up, a surely lovely video shared from “Crusade Against Islamisation of The World” with the subtitle describing “Moslems and scums destroying everything in a area in Paris France.”




Just to be clear, the video wasn’t calling ‘Moslems’ scum. They even went out of their way to distinguish the two groups (in fact, they’re actually calling all non-‘Moslems’ scum in a sense). Good on you Toronto-Danforth, you haven’t been fooled twice.