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NDP Candidate Ethan Rabidoux used to be Conservative. He’s since become the NDP candidate for Perth-Wellington. But let’s go back to the Conservative part, because, well… his views would be quite shocking to any NDP supporter.

Take for example his opinion of climate change:




And while Mulcair may want to bring back the Long Gun Registry, Rabidoux has a certain affinity for a Canadian weapon in particular.




Yes, he’s actually calling an assault rifle here a “magnificent instrument of democracy”. As for foreign policy and gender equality, perhaps it’s best if Ethan just stays far away from setting policy:




(That’s “Vice President I’d Like to F—,” if it was unclear). Classy.

But most confusing of all is why Rabidoux is running for such a left wing party when he clearly doesn’t have a very high opinion of left wing groups. Here’s how Rabidoux reacted when Rob Ford won the Toronto mayoral election in 2010:




And writing on the 2011 election results, Rabidoux argued the NDP should be glad they didn’t win the election because they “[weren’t] anywhere near ready to govern”:



Rabidoux’s (since deleted) tumblr


Either his opinion on the NDP’s ability to govern has clearly changed, or he’s just another member of Mulcair’s free market brigade.



  • Brad Johnson

    Wow, what a bunch of cry baby Marxist language police you have on this site. I never voted for the NDP, I just might this time.
    I don’t see anything wrong with any of those posts. Do we have to be perfectly PC all day all the time even out of context? I would rather have politicians that are human beings.

  • BrianK

    I know Ethan Rabidoux, and there is no one more committed to this campaign, or to making life better for the residents of his riding, than Ethan. The posts above show me a candidate who a) has a sense of humour about himself and b) has a willingness to change his mind and form new opinions. Personally, I consider both of those qualities to be virtues, not vices. I’m strongly considering voting NDP in a few weeks, but if Mulcair throws a quality candidate like Ethan under the bus over this kind of meaningless “gotcha!” nonsense, he will lose my support forever.

    • BrianDavion

      I dunno I see that, and I find myself wondering if this man’s a political oppertunist who sought to attach himself to the then rising star of the NDP

  • Joe Doyle

    Yeah I am calling BS on your article. Nice ads tho

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