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NDP Candidate Ethan Rabidoux used to be Conservative. He’s since become the NDP candidate for Perth-Wellington. But let’s go back to the Conservative part, because, well… his views would be quite shocking to any NDP supporter.

Take for example his opinion of climate change:




And while Mulcair may want to bring back the Long Gun Registry, Rabidoux has a certain affinity for a Canadian weapon in particular.




Yes, he’s actually calling an assault rifle here a “magnificent instrument of democracy”. As for foreign policy and gender equality, perhaps it’s best if Ethan just stays far away from setting policy:




(That’s “Vice President I’d Like to F—,” if it was unclear). Classy.

But most confusing of all is why Rabidoux is running for such a left wing party when he clearly doesn’t have a very high opinion of left wing groups. Here’s how Rabidoux reacted when Rob Ford won the Toronto mayoral election in 2010:




And writing on the 2011 election results, Rabidoux argued the NDP should be glad they didn’t win the election because they “[weren’t] anywhere near ready to govern”:



Rabidoux’s (since deleted) tumblr


Either his opinion on the NDP’s ability to govern has clearly changed, or he’s just another member of Mulcair’s free market brigade.