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Kimberley Love is the Liberal Candidate in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

She also must fancy herself a poet, because she has a habit of making …interesting comparisons.

Take Harper. It’s one thing to accuse him of moderately undemocratic behaviour, it’s another to compare his administration to the Nazi’s rise to power.



For those unfamiliar, the Reichstag was burned in 1933 by a lone Communist supporter. The act was used by the Nazis to outlaw the Communists and solidify power. Some historians even believe the Reichstag was actually burned by the Nazis in a false-flag.
It’s a little bit confusing as to exactly how that relates to the Harper Government, but there must be a historical comparison in there somewhere. More concerning is that it’s unclear whether the Liberals trying to rise to power burned the Reichstag or the Conservatives trying to distract from the real issue burned the Reichstag. It’s one of life’s mysteries.



Springtime for Harper and Canada? Mel Brooks, we’ve got your next big success right here.


Moving on to Alberta:




Yes, Mordor. That land of constant fire, and orcs, and giant towers with a floating eyeball.




(An artist’s depiction of Mordor, AB)


In the metaphor maybe Trudeau is Frodo and she’s Samwise, and they’re taking the oil extraction technology and throwing it into the pit!

And finally, long guns.

You’d think Love would be a fan, given the riding she’s running in is a largely rural one.

Obviously, you would have thought wrong.




Her colourful comparisons really get you thinking about what other political issues have interesting parallels to be imagined.

Weapons of mass destruction typically refer to nuclear or chemical weapons. Long guns can definitely be dangerous, but the scale seems to be slightly different. Though, there’s a good chance she was trying to make a joke. In that case, it’s missing a punchline. Never leave a joke without a proper conclusion. You know what they say about unfinished jokes: