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Meet Martin Barker, Conservative candidate for Cowichan—Malahat—Langford in British Columbia. He has a blog– or, rather, had a blog. He chronicled his life as the most interesting man in Duncan, BC (the smallest city in square kilometers in Canada). He likes talking about chickens. A lot. What’s more interesting is his self-proclaimed rants that include kind words to our Quebecois brothers.




You’ll have to excuse the ugly-looking excerpt. We retrieved his blog posts from an archive of his website. Once he was made a candidate, we assume the Conservative party took down and scrubbed his website clean. In fact, his Facebook page and website are nothing but dead links now.

So what exactly did he say in that wall of text? Barker discusses his opposition to a British Columbia Early Child Care plan. As a staunch fiscal conservative, he believes it’s inappropriate for such an expense during “economic uncertainty.”

After all… “BC is not Quebec, we do not and will never get the 11+ billion dollars of equalization to finance our social programs.”

That could be interpreted as him stating (what he thinks) is pure fact. Nothing malicious. Yet, when you dig deeper into his other blog posts…




Riding growth could indeed be a problem. Why do we have to create so many new ridings when the population grows?

If Quebec doesn’t get its way, they make “a big stink.” A certain, odeur de l’âne, if you will. He finds irony in Quebec’s slow growth given their extensive social systems. What the hell are they spending all that money on? René Levesque shrines?

[I’m] just not impressed by how much it costs the rest of the country to have [Quebec]

Meanwhile, Barker thinks MPs could do just as well with ridings 50% bigger. Have you met current Members of Parliament? Somehow I don’t think they could handle the responsibility of an extra office plant, let alone 50% bigger constituencies.

Listen. Barker isn’t really a Quebec basher. He’s “generally proud” of his Quebec friends and their province. What really irks him is “how much it costs the rest of the country to have them.” It sure is costly to have Quebec in the federation. We should have a referendum or something about it.

Or instead, we could have another one of Barker’s rants:




There we go. That’s perfect. We “pour money down that money pit in Quebec.” Eloquent yet substantive.


The rest of the country is going to continue to want to pour money down that money pit in Quebec


If his serenade and sarabande with La Belle Province wasn’t enough, there’s more! Remember when Conservative MP Wai Young said Bill C-51 would have prevented the Air India bombings from happening? Martin Barker was saying that way before it was mainstream. What a trend-setter. (Thanks to Robert Jago for the screengrab of the now-deleted Facebook post)




All in all, Martin Barker is definitely proud of Quebec. Except all that negative stuff he pointed out.