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Meet Liberal candidate for Vaudreuil-Soulanges Peter Schiefke. He dislikes the Alberta oil sands, and has a strange view on the characteristics of female DNA.

As evidence for the latter point, consider the kind of jokes he makes in his personal life:




As for the oil sands, Schiefke was a board member for the Climate Reality Project, an American group that virulently opposes Keystone XL, and generally the Alberta oil sands altogether.

Schiefke clearly takes those values to heart. In a April 2014 interview, he argued the government should force the Alberta “tar sands” to subsidize Quebec and Ontario because…well just because.


What I would like to see is the federal government come up with a plan that no longer tries to expand on the tar sands, and instead uses a significant proportion of the revenues generated from the tar sands to invest specifically in renewable energies produced in Ontario and Quebec.

Gazette Vaudreuil Soulanges, April 23, 2014


Why he wouldn’t re-invest in renewable energy produced in Alberta is unclear, but he’s running in Quebec and Ontario has more votes. Given his record and stances, it should be self-evident by this point that Schiefke thinks the oil sands are “dirty oil”.





  • Brad Johnson

    So 8 years ago, a decidedly less mature man made a slightly un PC joke on social media. He probably assumed that he would not be running for office and that Canada a once great nation would become such a Maxist state that moldy social media posts could possibly considered a scandal.

  • Dave S

    You’re barely scratching the surface with this guy. I’m surprised he wasn’t screened out by his party.