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It looks like we may have our first campaign casualty. Stefan Jonasson, the third unfortunate candidate in our “Nine Days of Scandal” coverage seems to no longer have a campaign website.


Jonasson praised gas taxes, compared Orthodox Jews to the Taliban, and decried bi-partisanship as a “media-generated fallacy.”

While we expected Alex Johnstone to be the first candidate dropped, it appears the word “tax” may be more detrimental to poll numbers than “Auschwitz.”

If Jonasson was dropped, you can expect a lot more to follow. As a publication we prefer the voters to decide whether a candidate’s remarks preclude them from office.

The True North Times has a handful of scandals left to break. Check back every day to see a new gaffe made by our potential representatives in Parliament. Remember– no party is immune. Absurdity has no political bias.


Update (September 25th, 8:30AM): Stefan Jonasson has in fact been dropped by the NDP due to these comments. We do not and will not encourage parties to preclude a candidate from running, that is the duty of voters at the ballot box.