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The NDP Candidate for Charleswood-St James-Assiniboia-Headingley is grateful for weird things. For example, Stefan Jonasson took to Facebook to publicly thank the provincial government for raising the gas tax.




Raising taxes are a win-win: customers are gouged until they can’t afford to drive anymore, and the government reaps the profits. It’s an environmental success story!

But, his weird ideas go further than that. He has some fascinating views on national security, like when he compared Haredim (a sect of very religious) Jews to the Taliban.




To be clear, the Haredim’s “toxic caricature of faith” involved segregated buses, while the Taliban’s “toxic caricature of faith” involve an epidemic of child rape and the glorification of murder. The difference is nuanced, but present. Moving on, here’s what Jonasson thinks of the police:




Yes, the police don’t do anything besides propagandize…like protect people. The fact that people were seldom raped or robbed at the Tea Party rallies (unlike the OWS rallies) probably had nothing to do with the decreased security.

And, as has become common in this series, Jonasson has questionable views on the economy. He felt shame over the number of wealthy people in Manitoba:




Writing about what kind of policies President Obama should implement in the United States, Jonasson recommended nationalizing of the energy sector.




Let’s see if Notley takes his advice! Plus, does Mulcair agree that “bipartisanship is a media-generated fallacy”? Of course, it’s doubtful whether the Liberals or Conservatives would be on board to nationalize oil companies. And, no other candidate has likened ultra-orthodox Jews to “the Taliban and other extremists” just yet.


Update (September 25th, 8:30AM): Stefan Jonasson has been dropped by the NDP due to these comments. We do not and will not encourage parties to preclude a candidate from running, that is the duty of voters at the ballot box.




  • Denis

    and he is one of the smarter dippers! What a racist!

    • KenPetkau

      Yes, he is about as smart as that NDP candidate from Hamilton that had the penis joke about Auschwitz. Leftist do not even hide the antisemitism anymore.

      • Jane Lowe

        You guys beat everyone with the peeing in the cup though .. congratulations you win!

    • Jane Lowe

      You guys beat everyone with the peeing in the cup though .. congratulations.

    • Bob Smithers

      The alternate reality that these communists live under is appalling. They should all be required to spend 5 years in the glorious Peoples Democratic Republic Of North Korea, to study their successful and fulfilling nationalized economy, before telling Canada, or the US, to follow suit.

    • murrayw

      The NDP continues with it’s anti-Semitic rants and policies. Mulcair decides to keep a candidate who jokes about Auschwtz. The saddest part is that somewhere around 30% of Canadians think this is acceptable and plan to vote for a party that is clearly racist. Shame on our society.

  • Chris D

    Pretty sure you need to post all the information and what was said. Such as the reference to Orthodox Jews, not just “Jews”. Most of us in the west wouldn’t tolerate many things Orthodox Jews do as part of their beliefs.
    Taxes, ha.. You could write a novel with political speak for and against. So far your ” outing” of political figures is weak and only tells part of the story. Thanks for wasting Canadians time.

    • Jane Lowe

      It is starting to look like a vicious game played by pranksters. I don’t like it and the NDP made a mistake dismissing this fellow.

  • Thor Viðar Jónsson

    You guys have to be kidding, there is nothing he said that most of us wouldn’t agree with. How this passes for a scandal, wow, have you guys become the PC police now too?

    • 3GSimpleton

      Who is “most of us”?

      Certainly, I am not in that group. Nor is anyone I know.

      • Thor Viðar Jónsson

        So you think the Haredim sect is nothing like the Taliban in its treatment of women. Interesting….

        • 3GSimpleton

          “… there is nothing he said that most of us wouldn’t agree with.” Those are your words above.

          Things he said that ‘most of us’ wouldn’t agree with:

          -Increased gas taxes being a “good” thing
          -Police are being used as a “propaganda tool” rather than as a legitimate response to certain illegal behavior
          -His obviously communist diatribe against the “embarrassingly wealthy” people STILL left in Manitoba
          -His advocacy of policies like centrally-planned economies and nationalization of industries, all obvious wealth confiscation measures only a commie could love.

          I could go on about this communist’s idiotic ramblings, but I think the point is already well made.

          • Thor Viðar Jónsson

            Obviously I’m referring to his comments against the Haredim sect of Jews… That is the controversy, not that an NDP has socialist beliefs. I don’t see anyone here on the right getting upset about dishonest reporting of his Jewish comments, the headline here was intended to be read as he had said all Jews are like the Taliban..

            Guess as long as they are on your political spectrum you are ok with such reporting?

          • 3GSimpleton

            “Obviously I’m referring to…” No, obviously you said what you said. I assume people say what they mean.

            “…you are okay with such reporting.”

            The reporting I read says:

            “He has some fascinating views on national security, like when he
            compared Haredim (a sect of very religious) Jews to the Taliban.” The reference is specifically to the Haredim, not Jews, and their orthodoxy is noted.

            There is no other reporting pertaining to the Haredim comment and the commie candidate. It would appear to me that your criticism is better directed against the misleading headline, where you have a valid point, rather than the reporting, which seems fair and accurate.

          • Bob Smithers

            Trying to equate the sect with the vicious murderous Taliban is dishonest moral equivalency, typical effin socialist SJW, dishonest to the core.

          • Jacob Leon

            Perhaps you should read what he actually wrote, otherwise your response is equally dishonest.

  • Roger Fritts

    From Wikipedia: The Haredi burqa sect (Hebrew: נשות השָאלִים Nešót HaŠälím, meaning “Shal(-wearing) Women”), referred in israeli slang as “The Taliban Women.” . . . In February 2008, Keren was arrested on charges of severely abusing her children. Identified in court as “B.”, she was convicted by the Jerusalem District Court in 2009 on three counts of abuse of a minor or helpless person and 25 counts of assault in aggravated circumstances, and sentenced to four years in prison. Her husband, identified in court as “M.” was also convicted of 10 counts of assault and three counts of abuse of a minor or helpless person, and was sentenced to six months in jail.

    Would you want a Canadian elected official to defend The Haredi?You have lost an excellent candidate.

    • Thor Viðar Jónsson

      Yeah but True North’s goal is not to report the facts, thus the headline, Jews are “much like the taliban” which is not only dishonest but done in a way to ensure controversy.

      • Bob Smithers

        The DIpper said what he said. If you cant read what he meant, inflicting his anti-semitism, then you need to go back to school, with your Auschwitz denying comrade.

        • Thor Viðar Jónsson

          Angry fellow, actually I know Stefan and you couldn’t fine a nicer guy around. Disagree with his policies sure, but calling him an anti-Semite for suggesting a Jewish sect is misogynistic is ludicrous. Clearly reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

      • 1432fpchero

        back to your little frozen island your mindless tripe is not welcome in my country.

        • Jane Lowe

          Guess you’re what the Cons call ‘old stock’ eh. Stay with that party please. No one can beat you guys ‘Peeing in a cup, rinsing it and then putting it back in the cupboard for the voters to use’, You Win First Place on that. And then you win Second Place with your base representative Earl Cowan yelling at two young female journalists ‘you lyin’ pieces of sh..’. Yep you guys win First and Second and no one, not anyone on this site or anywhere else can beat you at that game.

    • BillyShakespeare

      A couple of headlines you might like to google.

      “Wife Of Haredi Cult Leader Escapes Cult After Being Beaten By Hasidim”

      “Modesty in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Is Enforced by Secret Squads”

  • Inspector Clouseau

    As dumbed down as a person needs to be to vote for these ignoramuses, one would have to be a blithering retard to vote for Justin the boy wonder. Please vote for the intelligent adult who has a grip on reality … vote for Mr. Harper … leave the clown shows for the opposition.

  • Jacob Leon

    So an anonymous “reporter” hides behind the right to free speech in order to misrepresent a thoughtful, well-reasoned opinion and has for all intents and purposes ended a good man’s political career. Your website is neither humourous nor informative – it is now a danger to Canadian democracy.

    • 1432fpchero

      hey jacob…go fuck yourself

      • Jacob Leon

        Hey 1432…way to elevate the discourse. I’ll save you further embarrassment by explaining “discourse” does not mean non-vaginal sex.

  • CanadianVoter

    ya that gas tax hike was lethal. notice how there are no more cars in manitoba? and there’s no tangible environmental benefit to taking cars off the road either, so it’s a lose-lose. what a weird idea…

  • Slag

    He forgot to mention that his brother is one of the embarrassingly wealthy.

  • Slag

    There is more than meets the eye work the Jonasson family. Even without these comments, I would not want him elected.

  • Lolwut?

    I’d say his views are typical for the NDP and very much what Tom Mulcair wants to hide from the voting public.

  • BillyShakespeare

    The New York Times had an article about the unofficial “Police Force” in the heavily Hasidic Williamsburg area of Brooklyn called the Shomrin who enforce religious standards. I understand the Haredim are even stricter. They are obviously not as brutal as the Taliban but then again the Taliban didn’t have western laws to deal with. Both follow literal interpretations of Abrahamic text.

    This is the title if anyone is interested in looking it up
    “Modesty in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Is Enforced by Secret Squads”

    Here is another informative headline to google:
    Wife Of Haredi Cult Leader Escapes Cult After Being Beaten By Hasidim

  • Bobd06

    Imagine that on a national scale.

  • Anyone who reads the Israeli papers will be aware that Ultra-Orthodox Jews cause havoc in Israel. And they are racist and sexist and homophobic. Most notably, one of their members did murder Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin in 1995. Another stabbed a 16yr old girl to death at a recent Pride Parade. The Orthodox “Settlers” in the West Bank recently firebombed a Palestinian home in the WestBank, in the middle of the night, killing mother and baby. They routinely burn down hundreds of year old Palestinian olive groves. LevTahor women ~Jewish Orthodox sect~ do dress like the Taliban and are called the Jewish Taliban. Some of the sect were living in Quebec but left after child-abuse accusations… Apparently LevTahor have been dressing like the Taliban for 2000 years. The majority of Israelis ~especially Secular and Leftist~ are ashamed of them.

  • Ted Shekeler

    Don’t offend the chosen ones goyim