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The NDP Candidate for Charleswood-St James-Assiniboia-Headingley is grateful for weird things. For example, Stefan Jonasson took to Facebook to publicly thank the provincial government for raising the gas tax.




Raising taxes are a win-win: customers are gouged until they can’t afford to drive anymore, and the government reaps the profits. It’s an environmental success story!

But, his weird ideas go further than that. He has some fascinating views on national security, like when he compared Haredim (a sect of very religious) Jews to the Taliban.




To be clear, the Haredim’s “toxic caricature of faith” involved segregated buses, while the Taliban’s “toxic caricature of faith” involve an epidemic of child rape and the glorification of murder. The difference is nuanced, but present. Moving on, here’s what Jonasson thinks of the police:




Yes, the police don’t do anything besides propagandize…like protect people. The fact that people were seldom raped or robbed at the Tea Party rallies (unlike the OWS rallies) probably had nothing to do with the decreased security.

And, as has become common in this series, Jonasson has questionable views on the economy. He felt shame over the number of wealthy people in Manitoba:




Writing about what kind of policies President Obama should implement in the United States, Jonasson recommended nationalizing of the energy sector.




Let’s see if Notley takes his advice! Plus, does Mulcair agree that “bipartisanship is a media-generated fallacy”? Of course, it’s doubtful whether the Liberals or Conservatives would be on board to nationalize oil companies. And, no other candidate has likened ultra-orthodox Jews to “the Taliban and other extremists” just yet.


Update (September 25th, 8:30AM): Stefan Jonasson has been dropped by the NDP due to these comments. We do not and will not encourage parties to preclude a candidate from running, that is the duty of voters at the ballot box.