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Meet Peter Njenga, the Liberal candidate for Abbotsford. He doesn’t think that he’s very tall, but he’s grown comfortable with himself in the knowledge that “many well-known ‘short guys’ like me such Napoleon, Hitler, and Mickey Rooney (the entertainer) were all fearful of love, height and water at one point in time and were helped by women to overcome such fears[.]” According to Njenga, we should feel reassured if our spouse compares us to Hitler, as long as it’s to help us overcome our fear of love, and not, er, whatever Hitler did. He posted this in August 2014:


Njenga on fear


Well, what else is Njenga afraid of? Apparently, how much we spend on refugees, which likely has an interesting dynamic together with the Liberal Party’s commitment to bring in 25,000 refugees. He even mentions that we should be focusing more on Canadians of an, erm, older stock. “Our citizens come first” could also be a new Liberal slogan, perhaps in the pamphlet on Conquering the Monster of Fear.


Njenga on refugees


In addition to limiting money spent on refugees, Njenga also wants to limit money spent on gas. In his words, “it is the high time Governments start controlling gas prices using some specific price control parameters.” He asserted that there were no supply hindrances around oil, demonstrating a lack of familiarity with how OPEC worked.

To re-assure you that he knows what he’s talking about, he reminds you that “scientists and engineers [know] that free air is energy.” Confused? Njenga goes on: “if you have driven at high speed when one window of your car is open and all the other windows are closed, what air power you experience. Heavy…” He even has some math to back this up: “air+water+sun” can move cars and other machinery in this perpetual motion device.


Njenga on gas prices and free air energy


But that’s not the only time Njenga commented on science. Prefacing his statements by reminding us that he is “not an engineer”, Njenga goes on to explain how he would combat forest fires, by either dropping a massive water bomb on the forest, or having an unmanned drone with water pipes that are “size and length variable” (don’t picture it in your head, you may get nightmares). Regrettably, the photo he used to illustrate what the post-waterbomb forest would look like appears to be an image of a severe Sri Lankan cyclone that left 3,000 people homeless.


Njenga on forest fires


But why is Njenga so concerned about forest fires? Easy: “Enemies of our country know how to attack our beauty and natural forests and our dwellings.” It is unclear if he was referring to the Conservative party or ISIS in that regard.


Njenga on the national security risk of forest fires


To close, we also discovered a piece of Njenga’s strategic thinking. He has an MA in Strategic Management, so this is an area where he should be qualified to comment:


Njenga on deciding to venture into politics


One thing’s for sure: this guy is either the greatest thinker to grace the Canadian nomination process, or he’s completely crazy.


Update (September 23rd, 2:45PM): It appears that Peter Njenga has deleted his post comparing his struggles to those of Hitler. The Liberal Party has not responded to a request for comment at this time.

Update (September 24th, 9:20AM): Peter Njenga has formally apologized for his comments. In a statement to The True North Times, a Liberal spokesperson said that the party acceptes his apology.