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Canadian Politics suck. Canadian politicians suck. Lies and deception are the name of the game now. Have fun wading through the bullshit and trying to puzzle out which of these lying scoundrels has the most appealing batch of baloney. The worst of these awful, stupid, soul-sucking, power hungry liars have risen to the top of each of the three parties most likely to win the next federal election. Truth in Canadian politics is always a technicality. Whoever gets elected will have a mandate based on malarkey. Without further ado, let’s meet one of the polished turds who may be running our country come October 20th 2015: Thomas Mulcair.

Mulcair: Technically Truthful

Mulcair: Technically Truthful
The Huffington Post

Tom Mulcair’s $15 federal minimum wage plan is blatantly misleading. It is the exact kind of manipulative and misconstrued politics that the left constantly attacks Stephen Harper’s Conservatives for. The minimum wage is provincially regulated. Remember provinces, Mr Mulcair? The things you keep saying you’ll meet with every six months if elected? The foundation of our federation? This is their jurisdiction. Your plan makes it sound like you will give every teenaged Tim Horton’s employee a raise. However, only 3% of minimum wage workers are federal employees. Meaning: the plan that sounds like it helps every person working a minimum wage job is actually doing nothing of the sort. The NDP has a plan that would give 100,000 people a raise. That is good. What they are saying isn’t good. Tom Mulcair is spewing unrelenting bullshit.

In tune with the NDPs Conservative-style politics, Mulcair is unsure about his commitment to any subsequent Leaders’ Debates.  Harper backed out of the two traditional consortium broadcaster debates. However, Harper has confirmed he will attend three other Leaders Debates on top of the Macleans Debate already completed on August 6th. Mulcair wants to pull out of the debates Harper isn’t participating in because Mulcair is being a pouty child. This decision not only disrespects the democratic process, but it is hypocritical from the man that, in February, said he’d be in for a Leader’s Debate every week during the election.  Furthermore, this is stupid because debating is supposed to be Mulcair‘s strong suit. He is a machine during question period. He was called the best opposition leader since Diefenbaker by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. He is a former lawyer. He should be debating and winning debates. This doesn’t seem like the kind of decisive leader who can make a very young and massively inexperienced team of New Democrats an effective government.

Mulcair sucks at everything that isn’t in-House or backroom politics. That’s why he went on a gimmick filled campaign tour of Ontario to try and make himself look relatable. The cringe-worthy stint as a weatherman on Hamilton TV shows just how well that went. Nearly everyone criticized Justin Trudeau for being little more than a photogenic baby kisser whose biggest strength is his smile. However, when Mulcair tries to do that he fails miserably. His scratchy beard would feel awful on a baby’s smooth cheeks and Mulcair’s eyes are horror movie level creepy.

Mulcair is totally not creepy looking guys...

Mulcair is totally not creepy looking guys…
National Newswatch

Mulcair applied to work for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party in 2007. In Quebec, he was a Liberal. Can he be trusted? Probably not. He is just as much of a power hungry sellout as his opponents if not more. Dippers, he is not one of you. He is no saviour of the left. No second coming of Tommy Douglas. Just a bearded 60 year old guy who wants to fulfill the dream of basically every rich white kid at McGill Law School by becoming Prime Minister of Canada. Maybe Canadians are #Ready4Change, but electing Mulcair isn’t going to change much.

Tom Mulcair is boring. He is the same generic, suit-wearing, old white man that Canadians keep electing and who they have been frustrated to change. Changing the colours of the party in power from Liberal red or Tory blue, which it has always been, to NDP orange doesn’t change much in Canadian politics. If Canada wants an experienced politician running this country does Mulcair fit that that billing as well as Harper? On the other hand Mulcair is a centrist. If Canada wants to have a centrist ideology going forward, then why not elect the much more grounded and experienced Liberal Party and not the collection of young and radical NDP candidates? Whichever way the cookie crumbles Tom Mulcair isn’t much better than his alternatives. Thomas Mulcair sucks.