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Canadian Politics suck. Canadian politicians suck. Lies and Deception is the name of the game now. Have fun wading through the bullshit and trying to puzzle out which of these lying scoundrels has the most appealing batch of baloney. The worst of these awful, soul-sucking, power hungry liars have risen to the top of each of the three parties that are most likely to win the next federal election. Truth in Canadian politics is always a technicality. Whoever gets elected will have a mandate based on malarkey. Without further ado let’s meet one of the polished turds who may be running our country come October 20th 2015: Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau is a Good Name to Have Apparently
The Canadian Press

Justin, son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau of course, openly admitted that he “won the birth lottery.”  During the Macleans Leaders Debate Justin shamelessly paraded the fact that he is “a 43 year old father of three kids.” WE GET IT MR TRUDEAU. You’re a DILF who doesn’t look a day over 30. Trudeau does yoga and is tall, and has a nice smile. And what about that hair! Yet if we want politics of substance we need to look somewhere else. As a response to the “Just not Ready” Conservative attack ads, the entire Liberal campaign now sounds all too much like a MTV movie about losing your virginity. Canadians are ready to forget about Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau is a pampered pretty boy. He doesn’t have much real world experience. He may have worked as a teacher but he has never been a normal Canadian. Every second sentence out of Trudeau’s mouth during the debate seemed to be about “middle class Canadians.” This was an attempt to convince actual middle class Canadians that he knows what is best for people who have had to deal with problems he himself has only read about. Trusting Justin-“the budget will balance itself”-Trudeau to fix the economy is a big ask for a man who has never had to worry about paying a bill in his life.

Too Smug for His Own Good NA-TRUDEAU-EDBOARD5 The editorial board met with Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau on April 5, 2013.  CARLOS OSORIO/TORONTO STAR

Too Smug for His Own Good

Criticizing Trudeau’s plans would have taken up more of this article had he bothered to say anything during the debate outside of simply staring at the camera and saying he was going to be better for middle class Canadians. This was of course without explaining how he would actually do this. Taxing the richest 1% in Canada, as Trudeau proposed, does not yield the same results as it would in the United States. There are more millionaires in the US than anywhere else in the world. It stands to reason that rich flight is much more of a reality here. If Canadian doctors, business executives, and lawyers know that they will have more lucrative lives in the United States, there is a distinct possibility they will leave. Furthermore the Trudeau tax plan appears to have been miscalculated by about $1 billion. The Liberals were forced to admit that their current plan to fix everything is badly underfunded. Trudeau’s response was that they would get back to us with a finalized plan closer to the election. Trudeau’s better plan rhetoric mirrors that of American Republicans critiquing the Iran nuclear deal. They both require a massive amount of blind faith in people claiming to know how to do better without explaining how. And like most American Republicans, he has never been part of the middle class.

Trudeau is a blatant power hungry populist who will say whatever is popular to get where he wants to go. That’s why he was quoted in May of 2014 by Your McMurray magazine saying “I am very much in favour of the west-east pipeline” and in December of 2014 by Le Soleil as saying “the Energy East Pipeline is not socially acceptable.” The Conservatives joked about Trudeau exceeding expectations by wearing pants to the first leaders debate, but it would be fitting if he wore flip-flops to the rest of them. It sure would make it easier to put his foot into his mouth after dropping one of his many George Bush or Rob Ford-like remarks (which thankfully have been compiled at Shit Trudeau Says).

Justin Trudeau’s Go-To Footwear

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are an extremely centralized party that has concentrated power in the hands of only a few individuals. That’s undemocratic. That’s unfair. That should be changed. However would electing Justin Trudeau really bring #RealChange? When the True North Times asked individual Liberal MPs about their thoughts on a controversial political issue, virtually all of them either simply forwarded our emails to Liberal Public Safety Critic Wayne Easter, or copy and pasted Easter’s response and sent that to us. With only three exceptions, there were no original thoughts added by the elected Liberal representatives. There is one voice of the LPC. This is Team Trudeau. They have no ideological foundation. Electing them is to give them a mandate that says: “You are smarter than us and we trust you to solve our problems.” Electing Justin Trudeau is deciding to trust him as our pseudo-dictator instead of Stephen Harper. Ask yourself if that is really all that much better.

Mascot of the Liberal Party
Animals World

Justin Trudeau is a great looking, power-craving fool. He is inexperienced. The Liberals were called “chameleons” by an NDP MP, and she was right. Can he fix the problems facing this country? Doubtful. Can he make things worse? Definitely. He is a charming man with star crazed followers, a new generation of Trudeau-maniacs. It could seem like a good option for a country facing desperate times, but looks don’t make politicians; ideas do. Justin Trudeau sucks.


  • Kevin Broughton

    Dexter: I recognize the idea you are trying to showcase here That being said you truly need to couch your own anger here both your Stephen piece and this Justin piece. Your criticism of JT having no “real” world experience is well simple pandering your own issues not JT’s Simply what “real” world are you talking about here? What little I know of JT’s life is that I know he went through a high profile divorce, dealt with family mental health issues, dealt with the loss of his brother.
    Politics in Canada has been messy since Confederation why do you think this one would be different . Do you honestly think budget announcements are nothing more than dream wishes it is you that needs to stop drinking your own Kool-Aid. The Conservatives have just spent 3 billion dollars on their touted child care it should have been noted by you that money does not appear in their budget.
    Do not get me wrong it is good to be angry at politicians but you need to be realistic in your anger. For instance, the USA has a lot of millionaires but statistically by per capita Canada has its millionaires. Not pointing that out makes your piece here well you just whinning not winning

    • Lisa Whyte

      I found these to be nothing more than petty childish rants. Not based on any fact whatsoever, this is nothing more than a little man’s jealous opinion. Totally gutter journalism, you should be ashamed and I do hope this follows you. It’s disgusting.

      • MorriganHBI

        Exactly. It’s terrible writing. This author is particularly awful. This entire rag is trash and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve got pretty wide arcs for satire and I was ready and willing to be amused but yikes, this is appalling. It’s like a bunch of 12 year olds got together. His contention that “if Canadian doctors, business executives, and lawyers know that they will have more lucrative lives in the United States, there is a distinct possibility they will leave” is rubbish, as is the rest of the column. It was the “literary” equivalent of watching a chimp throw poop at a wall. Dreadful stuff.

        • Trey

          That’s because you disagree with what he’s saying. Because you’re under the Trudeau spell. Doctors will leave. I’m a doctor. I’m leaving. And you’re both idiots, by the way.

          • MorriganHBI

            Lovely bedside manner, “doctor”. Go away, then. Nobody will object. I’m a lawyer and I’m appalled at what Harper did to Canada. Have a look at the criminal code — for example, s.172 of the 2015 edition. You’ll see what sneaky legislation has been passed when you weren’t even looking.

  • Academic


    Well that was… huh.

  • me

    Justin has been primed….. as a minister.. 2015 will be the beginning of a satanic rule sit back people and watch.. this Canada fall, the end draws near ..GOD said it not me..

  • shelby

    people who voted for him are dumb

  • John B

    It seemed Mulcair was the best leader to most of us initially although he was being a leftist environmentalist pro Muslim peaking person making him like Trudeau in many ways although more intelligent and sensible – he came across and a better image for Canada. The issue is that Justin Trudeau is the George W Bush of the liberals here and Canada will see such an administration similar to that era in the United States. He also has the side of Obama that spewls substanceless empty speeches yet delivers nothing. Canada can cry or laugh for the next while with this sort of a leader in here

  • disqus_sFV48Ggc6q

    Hi Dexter!
    I know I’m reading this a bit late!
    It’s awesome that your writing and trying to get involved in your country’s politics. I’m an American, it bothers me the number of American citizens that have no clue….well I’ll leave it at that.

    However, I think your uninformed on American politics. In your article you wrote about the American republican political party and compared Canada to the U.S. several times. I’m just not understanding the reason for that. America and Canada have two very different political systems. Canada is a monarchy, a constitutional monarchy. So comparing these countries on Justin Trudeau policies is confusing.

    You wrote that Justin Is a liar, he’s rich indicating he doesn’t have problems due to his wealth. Also you wrote “he never has worried about paying a bill in his life” and “he’s not middle class”


    First, all politicians lie to some extent. Second, everyone has problems even the rich. Third, politicians are usually wealthy, running a campaign is expensive. Even if you are lucky enough to have funding you still need references to get you the lobbyist financial backing you would need to run a campaign. Basically you are not going to see a middle class polictian. So tell Susan down the street, not to quite her day job. Lol joke!


    You wrote “like most American republicans, he has never been part of the middle class” This is a topic that hits home for me, many are under the impression that the Republican Party is wealthy out of touch in comparison with the Democratic Party. THAT IS ACTUALLY BACKWARDS! Now don’t get wrong the republican candidates are not middle class neither are the democrats! The current republicans candidates are numerous and are more in touch with the middle class than the democratic candidates.

    The republican candidates include an African American Surgeon named Ben Carson. Carly F. a female secretary turned into CEO of a major company, a Latino American Ted Cruz whom is a Senator. Just to name a few. The fact that these people can come from completely different backgrounds and run to be president of America; embodies the beauty of the American system. The American Dream if you work hard you can do whatever you want! Become whoever you want! That is just not possible in a monarchy! Sorry.

    The Democratic Party candidates are two rich white old people. Hillary Clinton Former First Lady and Secretary of State and senator. And Bernie Sanders Senator of Vermont. Bernie is a democratic socialist which basically means he would be fine with taxing 100% of the American people’s income and disturbing it back to whom and how the government sees fit. THAT IS NOT AMERICA OR THE AMERICAN DREAM! I think you said it best when you wrote “team Trudeau you are smarter than us and we trust you to solve our problems”.

    The Democratic Party = Liberals in America
    I love that you wrote “liberals are chamelons” it fits perfect! In America the liberals have a very smooth silver tongue and they tell you exactly what you want to hear. And a lot of people believe it.

    In fact President Obama’s presidential campaign was all about change, his slogan was change! Very similar to “#realchange” you wrote about in the Trudeau campaign. That change Obama was talking about was higher taxes on businesses, and people. I have lived in the U.S. My entire life (I have traveled a lot however). When I go to mall there is at least another store that has closed down since the last time I went. That is happens when you extremly tax businesses in America. Businesses are closing and firing employees bc they can’t afford to pay them. America is spending and printing money they don’t even have! it’s a serious issue! It’s an issue the Democrats would rather ignore than fix. If America continues spending we will no longer be number 1.
    To put it in prospective if America taxes 100% of its citizens income it still wouldn’t cover the debt we have.

    Moving on……

    You wrote about the Iran nuclear deal, you thought it was a good idea? …… How would Iran having a nuclear power benefit anyone? Really anyone? How?

    and that’s all I have time for. I typed this on my phone hopefully my auto-type doesn’t mess up my spelling too much! Anyway good luck with your new prime minister!

    Oh and ps I read a comment that said you were stupid for thinking people would leave a country due to tax policy. They are stupid! People have a been doing that for years! And Americans are threatening to move to Canada if we don’t change our gun laws and Canada put out a statement saying they wouldn’t except us lol!

  • billgiamou

    Just found your website……good to know other Canadians hate The Boy Blunder as much as I do.

  • Mihály Nester

    You sound like an American. As a writer, you suck!!