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The NDP under Tom Mulcair haven’t even formed the government yet and they’re already proving true to Conservative accusations; the party is just out to take money from hardworking Canadians!

Reciept of the UCCB (Universal Childcare Benefit) cheques momentarily skyrocketed the Tories to unbelievable heights and dumped the NDP into a statistical tie with the Liberals, at 27 and 25% respectively. A Nanos poll continues to leave the parties in a statistical tie. Pollsters who were ready to call the Governor General and tell him it wasn’t necessary to call an electio- as clearly the NDP would win- are now holding onto their hats as the electorate shifts once more.

This news still leaves all three leaders anxious at the start of this long campaign. This is good news for the Conservatives who are flush with cash, but it’s bad news for the Liberals and NDP whose war chests are not as bursting with swag. However, in true pirate fashion, the NDP seems ready to pillage and steal from the government coffers, indirectly that is, for they have asked parents who received the UCCB to donate it to the party as one “woman” in Ottawa has apparently already done.

Um, the NDP would like to announce its charitable status...

Um, the NDP would like to announce its charitable status…
National Post

Not even sworn in yet, the NDP is already trying to take more money out of Canadians pockets or so the forthcoming attack ad will likely read. Seriously, you can’t get much better material than this! Of course it’s supposed to go towards the children, but somehow I don’t think the government meant give it to the children who work in our House of Commons. They make enough money as it is and they certainly use enough tax payers money already; at least the NDP does with their 2.7 million owed for Satellite Offices. Now, apparently the idea came from one Ottawa woman called “Ella” who was offended by Pierre Poilievre’s partisan announcements and so decided to use the UCCB for her own partisan purposes. She wrote to her MP, Paul Dewar, who then forwarded her message onward.

This is to payback our expenses!

This is to payback our expenses!
Author’s Own Photo

However, the NDP was very specific about who should donate the UCCB, those being only families who don’t need it. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have led the charge on calling for the UCCB to be donated if it isn’t needed by individaual families. Only instead of calling for it to be donated into the Liberal Party’s coffers, the Liberals have recommended it be donated to charity as Justin has done with his family’s benefit. Of course, this is likely just because the Liberals are more flush with cash than the NDP.

I'll give my UCCB to a REAL charity!

I’ll give my UCCB to a REAL charity!
The Star

Perhaps Mulcair is hinting that he wants to classify his party as a charity for tax purposes! After all, this isn’t the first time they’ve been under scrutiny for using (or asking to use) public funds. It does, however, continue in the vein the NDP has already followed, using taxpayers money for partisan purposes (a la the satellite office fiasco which still haunts Mulcair). Two months ago when Rachel Notley was sworn in, and her party still leading in the polls in Alberta, the new government came under fire when it invited people to the swearing in of the cabinet while also using the ceremony to solicit party donations. A practice they HAD promised to stop, but apparently didn’t.

This seems to be their way of just trying to get people used to the idea of an NDP government taking even more of your money after the election in the fall. At least they’re easing us into it and the UCCB doesn’t help Canadian families diddly squat anyway!