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Olivia Chow, former NDP MP and failed Toronto mayoral candidate has announced she will return to federal politics in a bid for Spadina-Fort York. Just over 9 months ago, Chow faced a humiliating Toronto election loss to last-minute candidate and controversy-magnet Doug Ford.

Out of all the campaigns during the Toronto election, Chow’s was…one of them. She somehow found herself being endorsed by an anti-gay, pro-rape wrestler. After polling as a frontrunner, voter fear of another Ford era threw her into third place, to the benefit of John Tory.

Chow will be facing Liberal Adam Vaughan in the upcoming election. One outspoken supporter of Rob Ford once told us some very harsh words about Vaughan.

Olivia Chow called for stricter gun control if she was elected Toronto mayor. Nobody told her that gun regulations are a federal matter, and that she would have been better off as an MP making those sort of decisions. I suppose it took a monumental election loss to remind her.