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The Liberal party, or what remains, was planning to hold a press conference ahead of Stephen Harper’s alleged Senate abolition announcement with his broseph Brad Wall. This, according to Global New’s Laura Stone, would be the Liberal’s chance to critique the Conservative stance on the Senate before it is made.

Harper, an outspoken opponent of the Senate (circa 2005) is ready to make a plea to abolish the upper chamber of Canadian legislature. Despite the Supreme Court’s firm opinion that doing so must be with the consent of all provinces. The Liberals deciding to jump in and make an announcement would have possibly been the unofficial start of the fall election campaign.

The announcement was to be made by David McGuinty, of all people. Folks may remember David as the brother of beloved Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who left the province with a stellar record and clean books. Nothing says “let’s make sure we hold the government accountable” like having a McGuinty as your voice of reason.

Both the Liberals and Conservatives are facing slumping poll numbers, amidst a surge in NDP support and approval of Thomas Mulcair. Will the Conservatives be able to ride the Senate-abolitionist bandwagon? Will the Liberals try to pre-define the Conservative stance? Do people miss Michael Ignatieff? We would have had an answer to 2/3 of these questions in a few short hours. Sadly, the Liberals canceled their own conference. Perhaps they just weren’t ready.