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Toronto mayor John Tory is doing his best to make everyone forget about world renowned crack-mayor Rob Ford by being even more ridiculous. Tory is quickly becoming the nerdy father of everyone’s nightmares through a terrible venture into pop-culture he is too old, white and nerdy to understand. It began earlier this week when Tory mistakenly thought that Pan-American Games performer Kanye West was Canadian. ( Tory, when asked whether he was a fan of Kanye said “I’m smart enough to know, that he is a proud product of our music industry here.” Yes, according to the mayor of Canada’s largest city it was Kanye West, not Drake, who started from the bottom in

Now, because Tory is a firm believer that what doesn’t kill him can only make him stronger, he decided to own the embarrassment and take matter into his own hands. The following cringe worthy performance was posted by Tory to twitter Thursday…

The tweet ( through which Tory shared the video had the caption “Yeezus, I can’t believe I didn’t know Kim Kardashian’s husband wasn’t Canadian!” Yikes. And the pun loving Tory actually tagged Kim K in the tweet.

Yes when it comes to ridiculous Toronto mayor’s…Rob Ford is not the Only One. ( Toronto mayors are Bound 2 screw up and embarrass their city sooner or later. John Tory just gave every Torontonian another woe to stroll through the six with. Sorry, Toronto, that was one too many jokes, I’ll stop being so Heartless now.